5 Great Players With Release Fee Clauses in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

This guide tells you about some of the best players with minimum release fee clauses in Football Manager 2020 Mobile. Does your squad need strengthening in FM 2020? If so, check out these great players with release fee clauses in Football Manager 2020 Mobile.

5 great players with release fee clauses in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Football Manager 2020 Mobile includes numerous players with minimum release fee (or buyout) clauses in their contracts. Those release fee clauses are minimum transfer bid values that clubs cannot reject for players with contracts that include them. Such clauses can make it somewhat easier to sign players clubs are reluctant to sell. These are some of the great players with release fee clauses in Football Manager 2020 Mobile.

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1. Timo Werner

Werner is a world-class striker who’s an RB Leipzig player in Football Manager 2020 Mobile. His finishing and off-ball movement are exceptional. With a pace attribute rating of 18, Timo is a tremendously fast player. He’s also a very fit and aggressive player who imposes himself on matches.

Werner's attribute ratings

Werner’s attribute ratings

Therefore, Werner is among the best strikers you can sign in FM 2020; and at 23 he’s still about four or five years off his peak. The minimum release fee in Werner’s contract amounts to 52 million. This player is worth signing for 80-100 million. Thus, signing Timo for 52 million is a bit of a bargain!

2. Thomas Lemar

Lemar is a left-winger and central midfielder who stars for Athletico Madrid and France. This player has several high attribute ratings. Thomas is a player with excellent technique and passing, which he has attribute ratings of 17 for. His dribbling, crossing, creativity, and pace attribute ratings are also high. So, he’s a player who will set up many goals for your team from the wing or central midfield.

Lemar's attribute ratings

Lemar’s attribute ratings

Lemar is already a world-class player at 23 years old, and his attribute ratings will increase for three or four more seasons. His contract’s minimum release fee clause is 81 million, which is undoubtedly a high one. Yet, an 81 million bid is not too high for Lemar. I would happily sign him for 100 million.

3. Dani Parejo

Valencia’s Parejo is one of the most complete central midfielder players in Football Manager 2020. He has 10 green ratings within the highest 15-20 range. Dani’s passing is exceptional, and he’s a very creative and technically gifted player whose ideal role is advanced playmaker. Yet, with high positional and teamwork attribute ratings, he’s also reasonably adept as a defensive midfielder.

Parejo's attribute ratings

Parejo’s attribute ratings

As Parejo is 30, he has no future potential. His attribute ratings will probably start dropping when he reaches 32. Nevertheless, Dani still has about three or four decent seasons left in him. He has a 43 million buyout clause in his contract, which roughly matches his 39 million value. So, it’s worth signing him for that much.

4. Alex Telles

Telles is an attacking left full-back you can sign from Porto (FCP). This is a quick, fit, and aggressive player with outstanding crossing. He can assist a good number of goals from the left flank and corners with his precise crosses. He’s a great wing-back who can also play as an attacking winger. Alex isn’t the best defensive full-back in the world, but his positional play is strong.

Telles' attribute ratings

Telles’ attribute ratings

Alex is 26 years old, which is almost the peak playing age for football players. His best seasons might well be just ahead of him. The 34.5 million buyout clause in his contract isn’t too high for a wing-back of his quality.

5. Alvaro Odriozola

Real Madrid’s Odriozla (who is loaned to Bayern Munich in 2019) is a quality right-sided full-back. He’s a super quick and fit full-back with decent tackling, decisions, and positioning attribute ratings. Alvaro’s teamwork and technique are other strengths of his game.

Odriozola's attribute ratings

Odriozola’s attribute ratings

As Alvaro is 23 years old, his attribute ratings can and will increase further for at least three more seasons. The 68 million buyout clause in his contract is a bit steep. However, Odriozola’s considerable future potential makes a 68 million transfer for him worth it.

Those are five terrific players with contracts that include minimum release fee clauses in Football Manager 2020 Mobile who are well worth signing. Remember, however, that their contracts can and will change. So, you’ll probably need to bid for them in your first two seasons at a club to sign those players with their minimum release fees.

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