Five Great Full-Backs in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

This game guide tells you about some of the great full-backs in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to strengthen your teams with. Full-backs are very versatile players who can both strengthen defenses and assist the forwards as wing-backs. So, check out the full-backs in this guide.

5 Great Full-Backs in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

A full-back is a player who plays on the left or right side of a football team’s defense. You’ll need full-backs for the vast majority of Football Manager 2020 Mobile team formations with flat back fours or fives. Those are players who defend the left and right sides of their teams’ penalty boxes.

You can also give full-backs in your Football Manager 2020 Mobile teams more attacking wing-back roles. A wing-back is basically an attacking full-back who runs further forward down the flanks to support the forward players more like wingers. So, full-backs playing in wingless formations, such as 4-3-3 and 5-3-2, can also assist a good number of goals with crosses and corners.

Therefore, full-backs can be crucial to providing more attacking width for teams without wingers. As defenders, they’re also important for defending outside the box against wingers attacking along the left and right sides of the pitch. These are some of the great full-backs in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to bolster your team’s defense with.

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1. Andrew Robertson

Robertson is a great full-back in Football Manager 2020 Mobile who plays for Liverpool. This is a full-back with high ratings for eight attributes. He’s an extremely fit and quick defender with superb positional play. His tackling, teamwork, decisions, and pace ratings are all at 16. With a crossing rating of 14, Robertson is also a very decent wing-back who can assist quite a few goals from the left side of the pitch.



Robertson is valued at 27.5 million, which is somewhat less than what he should be valued at. I signed him for 47 million. So, you should be able to get him for about 45-50 million in 2019. However, his transfer value will increase if you don’t add him to your squad during your first season in a game.

2. Kevin Mbabu

VfL Wolfsburg’s Mbabu is both a very decent full-back and wing-back who can assist lots of goals from the right-wing. His pace and stamina ratings of 17 are superb. Kevin also has good crossing, tackling, strength, aggression, and teamwork attribute ratings of 14.



At 24 years, Mbabu has some future potential; and his attribute ratings will probably increase for about four seasons. Valued at six million, this player is a notable bargain. You can feasibly snap him up for about 20 million.

3. Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies is a wonder kid who plays for Bayern Munich and Canada. He’s a very pacey and aggressive full-back. With dribbling and crossing ratings of 15 and 13 respectively, Davies can play as a winger or wing-back. He’s also a player with decent stamina, technique, and teamwork ratings of 14.



Davies has huge future potential, as his attribute ratings can increase for about nine to 10 seasons from 18 to 28. His transfer value in 2020 is 19.5 million, and that will certainly increase with his attribute ratings. So, it’s better to sign this player sooner rather than later.

4. Benjamin Mendy

Man City’s Mendy is a full-back who’s ideal for the wing-back role. He’s a very quick, fit, and strong left-back. With high crossing and teamwork ratings of 16 and 15, Mendy will assist plenty of goals from the left flank. Mendy is also an aggressive player who imposes himself on games.



Mr. Mendy is a young player at 24 with attribute ratings that can and will increase. His 30 million valuation is affordable for bigger clubs in France, Spain, England, Germany, and Italy. He’s certainly worth signing for 50-60 million.

5. Alvaro Odriozola

Odriozola plays for Real Madrid, but he’s on loan at Bayern Munich in 2019. He’s a super fit full-back with explosive pace. With tackling and positioning ratings of 15 and 14, Odriozola defensive attributes are solid. Alvaro also has higher ratings for teamwork, technique, passing, and movement.



This Spanish defender has a value of 20.5 million. He also has a 68 million minimum release fee contract clause. So, you can certainly sign him for no more than 68 million.

Check out those great full-backs in Football Manager 2020 Mobile. Those are five very fit, quick, and versatile defenders who can play as defensive full-backs or more attacking wing-backs that assist the forwards. As such, they’re players that can both increase the number of goals teams score, with assists, and reduce the number conceded.

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