5 Great Central Midfielders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

This game guide tells you about five great central midfielders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to sign for your teams. Is your Football Manager 2020 team a little short in the middle of the park? If so, consider signing some of the central midfielders below.

5 Great Central Midfielders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Central midfielders are football players who play in the center of teams’ midfield areas. They are versatile midfielders who assist teams attacks and also trackback to protect their teams’ goals. Most Football Manager 2020 Mobile players are going to need to sign some central midfielders for their teams. These are some of the great central midfielders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile that will strengthen your teams’ midfield areas.

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1. Martin Odegaard

Odegaard is a versatile central midfielder who plays for Real Madrid (loaned to Real San Sebastian until 2021). He’s among the most exciting younger players in FM 2020 with high attribute ratings of 15-16 for creativity, passing, decisions, teamwork, and strength. Odegaard is also a very technically gifted player with a technique attribute rating of 16. Furthermore, he can play as an attacking midfielder or winger as well.

Odegaard's attribute ratings

Odegaard’s attribute ratings

It’s frightening that Odegaard is already a world-class player at 20. He can become one of the best central midfield players in the world in your team. His 36 million value is too low for a player of his quality. You’ll probably have to stump up more than 50 million to get Odegaard, but don’t be deterred from signing him by an 80-90 million transfer fee.

2. Houssem Aouar

Lyon’s Aouar is one of the wonderkids in Football Manager 2020 with considerable potential. He’s already a great central and attacking midfield player with excellent passing, technique, creativity, and movement. His dribbling, decisions, and stamina attribute ratings of 14 are also good.

Aouar's attribute ratings

Aouar’s attribute ratings

This 21-year-old player can play 10 seasons for your team, and his attribute ratings will increase for about six years. Aouar is valued at 32.5 million, but you can’t expect to sign him for less than 50 million. Nevertheless, you can snap up Aouar for 65 million, which is well worth it for a player whose transfer value can increase up to 90-100 million mark.

3. Thomas Lemar

Athletico Madrid’s Lemar is a world-class attacking midfield player who can play in the center of midfield or on the left wing. His game’s greatest strengths are his terrific passing and technique, for which he has attribute ratings of 17. Thomas also has high dribbling, crossing, movement, and pace attribute ratings.

Lemar's attribute ratings

Lemar’s attribute ratings

Admittedly, Lemar’s primary position is actually on the left wing. However, he can also play a bit further back in central midfield. You can retrain his player position to central midfield after signing him. With high passing, technique, and creativity attribute ratings, Thomas can be an outstanding advanced playmaker in a central midfield position. The screenshot directly below shows Lemar’s average match ratings across five seasons when playing as a central midfielder.

Lemar's average match ratings

Lemar’s average match ratings

Lemar is a young player at 23 who’s valued at 41 million in 2019. This player has a minimum release fee clause of 81 million in his contract. Therefore, you can certainly sign Thomas for 81 million; and Athletico Madrid probably won’t accept any lower transfer bid in 2019. Even though 81 million is double his 40.5 million valuation, it’s worth signing him as his value can rise above 100 million.

4. Mateo Kovacic

Kovacic stars for both Chelsea and Croatia. He’s a top-class central midfielder with outstanding dribbling, passing, and technique. Mateo’s also a very creative and fit player. He has eight green attribute ratings, which makes him a world-class player.

Kovacic's attribute ratings

Kovacic’s attribute ratings

Alas, Kovacic is valued at a whopping 113 million. You’ll need to make a monster transfer somewhat higher than that to sign him in 2019. If you can’t sign him in 2019, you should at least shortlist this central midfielder as a potential transfer target for future seasons. Kovacic’s valuation can drop down, and Chelsea might even transfer list him after a few seasons. Thus, you might be able to sign him for more like 60-70 million a few years after 2019.

5. Fabian

Napoli’s Fabian is a central midfielder with a very strong all-round game. Fabian’s terrific ball passing is his game’s greatest strength. He has very good aerial, dribbling, movement, teamwork, and technique attribute ratings of 15. Fabian’s crossing and creative play are also decent.

At 23 years, Fabian has a good amount of future potential, which makes him a very exciting central midfielder. His transfer valuation of 34 million isn’t especially high. However, you’ll need to make a much bigger transfer bid to convince Napoli to let Fabian go in 2019. Nevertheless, Fabian is worth signing for 90-100 million.

Those are five great central midfielders in Football Manager 2020 Mobile to take your pick from. Some of those players might be a bit pricey, but they’ll be ‘priceless’ for your FM 2020 teams.

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