Author: Matias Tautimez

A former journalist from Las Vegas and the occasional dabbler in the ancient and mystic arts of professional wrestling. Matias is often found writing, running TTRPGs with a bunch of weirdos, and justifying his addiction to video games by writing reviews. Any resemblance to the masked man known as El Zitro is purely coincidental.

Potionomics Review: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (PC)

Heroes and adventurers get all the good press. Saving princesses, slaying dragons, killing exactly five slimes and collecting twelve rat pelts. But the true backbone of fantasy society are the craftsmen. In Potionomics you do the real work ...

8 Great

Oddworld: Soulstorm – Oddtimized Edition Review – Quite the Odd Mess (Switch)

The second chapter in the Oddworld franchise just hit the Nintendo Switch. Oddworld: Soulstorm - Oddtimized Edition has a lot to live up to, with a pedigree of games that delighted previous console generations. Does this Switch port stand p...

4.5 Poor
Wayward Strand Review

Wayward Strand Review: Listen to My Story (PC)

A unique title from developer ghost pattern, Wayward Strand is less a game to be played and beaten than an experience to behold. A gorgeous world filled with amazingly rich characters awaits you in a floating airship turned hospital. Time p...

8 Great
Construction Simulator Review

Construction Simulator Review: Let’s Get to Work (PC)

Fire up your CATs and get ready to dig, haul, pour, and lift. Your town needs revitalizing and with the help of ol' Hape, you're just the person for the job. Use real-life machine brands to take on complex jobs and bring the town back to li...

6.5 Fair

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist: Growing up… in Spaaace! (PC)

Being a teenager has never been easy, but when you have to balance school, a social life, and romance with feeding your colony, exploring an alien planet, and protecting everyone from attacks by strange and grotesque aliens, things can get...

9 Amazing

There’s Hope for Remakes and Remasters in Gaming

With remasters and reboots becoming more and more common in gaming there’s an understandable hesitance when developers pull your old favorites back out of the toy box. But games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake show there's hope that it's possib...