Weekly News Roundup Issue #104

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. This week we have fresh news on the newly scheduled PS5 event, the future of Destiny 2 as well as a new game from Bungie, Kingdoms of Amalur and Demon Souls remakes and much more

Weekly News Roundup Issue #104

KeenGamer weekly news is a series of articles designed to bring you the hottest gaming and pop culture related news. Each news is presented in a bite-sized format and will lead you to the original source of the news if you want to find out more details.

PS5 reveal event is happening this week

PS5 reveal event

Soon we’ll know all about the PlayStation 5

After getting pushed back from June 4, the PS5 reveal event will happen on June 11 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET/9 p.m. BST. With Sony taking the mystery marketing route up until now, the expectations are soaring high. We don’t exactly know much about the physical appearance of the console or any first-party games so this showcase is bound to be a big one. Sony definitely won the exclusives game during the PS4/XB1 era so it’s presumed it will offer even more for the PS5.

As far as the components go, the PlayStation 5’s SSD is probably one many are waiting to see in action the most. It marks the first time a gaming console component having a substantial edge over the PC. We’ll definitely keep you posted about all the major reveals after the event. For more information and our speculation on what we’ll see, check out our original news coverage

Bungie showcases the future of Destiny 2

The future of Destiny 2

Bungie is going all-in on Destiny 2

It’s fair to say that the community has been fairly disappointed with the game’s latest season and the way Bungie has been recycling content. With many players openly voicing their dissatisfaction, Bungie needed to do something big. And that’s exactly what they did in their reveal event on June 9th. Not only did they announce a brand new fall expansion titled Beyond Light but they also showcased a more long-term roadmap of the game.

So, in 2021. we’ll see another expansion titled The Witch Queen and in 2022 we’ll get another one with the working title Lightfall. All of that along with a ton of content returning from the original Destiny, numerous quality of life improvements and the improvements to the seasonal model. All in all, Destiny 2 players have a lot to look forward to in the future. Go here if you want to read more details about all the upcoming content.

Demon Souls remake and Bloodborne remaster potentially in the works

Demon Souls Remake

Demon Souls remake would be awesome

PC Gaming Inquisition Youtube channel gave us a juicy rumor that, if proved correct, will make a lot of potential next-gen console buyers very happy. According to the channel, a Bloodborne remaster is in the works by folks at Bluepoint Games and QLOC, the latter of whom was responsible for Dark Souls Remastered in 2018. But that’s not all, the channel claims that the critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 game, Demon’s Souls is being developed by Bluepoint Games for the PS5. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for these rumors to be confirmed or denied seeing as Sony is probably saving them for the PS5 reveal event coming this week. For more information and the video containing these rumors, check out our original news coverage.

Kingdoms of Amalur Remaster coming soon

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-reckoning

Fans of RPG games rejoice!

If you haven’t played the 2012’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – you’ve missed out big time. This high-fantasy RPG had it all – an interesting story, excellent, fast-paced combat with plenty of different skills, and much more. Luckily, if you’ve missed it or a fan and want to revisit it, you’ll soon have the chance. A remastered version titled Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is set to release on August 18th and will have better graphics, enhanced gameplay, and other improvements. For more information on the original and the remaster, check out our original news coverage.

Sony’s Days of Play promotion was a smashing success

Sony Days of Play promotion sales

Sony’s old exclusives are still selling strong

If we are going by the exclusive sales, Sony’s Days of Play promotional event was a smashing success. Most notable titles that entered the top sold games in the UK are Marvel’s Spider-Man at number ten, Days Gone at eleventh and The Last of Us Remastered comes in at eight. This is an excellent result, especially if you consider the fact that these games came out two or more years ago. To see the full list of top games and more information about Days of Play promotion, check out our original news coverage.

Battlefield 5 got its last big update

Battlefield 5 last update

Battlefield 5 is nearing the end of its lifecycle

Battlefield 5 released back in September of 2018 and will soon stop being updated by EA DICE. While smaller patches may still come, the big ones are a thing of the past. The last one, weighing around 9 GB offers two new maps, nine weapons, five gadgets, six vehicles, three grenade types, and some tweaks to the overall experience. It gives players some new toys to earn and play around with until the inevitable sequel comes out, probably later this year. For a full list of new stuff included in the update and more info on Battlefield 5, check out our original news coverage.

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