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Tempest – New content this week

New update of Tempest will go live on Steam on April 1. You can now enjoy Open World in the game.

Tempest - New Update
Another big update will go live on Steam on April 1 with two big news:


Tempest is now an open world game with an unlimited (almost!) capacity for free roaming. It’s a completely new experience in the free world of pirates.

Team up with two of your friends or with random players. Sail together or on your own, advance through the story line, be allies or opponents.

Since the very first day of Early Access on Steam in December developers received tons of feedback about what people want to see in Tempest:

"Open world is the most wanted feature. It's not a small task, but the game got such warm welcome from Steam community that we decided to give it a shot."

Check out more news on Dev Blog on Steam.

Tempest - Multiplayer
Tempest - Open World

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