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Tempest – one hour of let’s play

Tempest is an upcoming indie game full of pirates, enemies and sea battles. We were playing and streaming naval battles over one hour and you if you like cannons, sunken ships and positioning fights then you cannot miss this! Best piracy game these days? Check out our gameplay to decide for yourself!

Tempest Let´s Play

The majority of the game sees the player going head to head with various enemies, that’s why the developers paid special attention to the battle system in the game.Tempest wallpaper

Tempest is now available on Steam Early Access. Main gameplay and mechanics are ready. Players are able to fully customize their ships, fight monsters, and discover the first region of the game’s world (in its EA version). So you can test fights, monsters, artefacts, towns, trading, crew management or you can watch our Let´s Play Video before you will pay for the game.

Tempest - gameplay

Tempest - gameplay map

Tempest - sea port

Tempest - gameplay

Tempest - sea battle

Tempest - sea battle

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