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Tempest – Pirate Action RPG out on iOS and Android

After successful launch on Steam with more than 50 000 sea-dogs sailing the seas of Tempest on PC, HeroCraft and Lion's Shade plan to acquire new recruits for their Pirate Open World Action RPG on iOS and Android.

Tempest - Pirate Action RPG out on iOS and Android
Pirate life can be thrilling, and the most thrilling part is sea battles! This is what the developers kept in mind while porting the game to mobile devices. Tempest is now available, and you can already check the game's page on Google Play or AppStore. 

Check the launch trailer below:

Tempest - Official Trailer

Tempest is a full paid game, without ads and IAPs, the game cost is $7,99. Open-world pirate game with PvP and co-op has never been seen before on the mobile platforms!


  •  Roam freely a vast world set across three open regions
  •  Create and customize your own pirate ship
  •  Hire a crew and train them to become the most fearsome cutthroats!
  •  Attack, board and capture other vessels – both heavily armed enemy galleons and treasure-laden merchant ships
  •  Storm land fortresses to plunder their treasures
  •  Discover ancient artifacts and unleash its powerful magic
  •  Face mythical sea creatures like the fearsome Kraken
  •  Enjoy more than 100 single-player quests…
  •  …or terrorize the high seas in the co-op and PvP multiplayer modes!
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