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New Tempest update includes new maps, ships and more!

Tempest's third update will come with new content players have been asking for including a second map, new ships, new quests, various faction traits and everything else you need to hit the high seas!

Tempest - Official Game Trailer

Ahoy! All you pirates enjoying your sea battles and plundering on Tempest will be pleased to know the third update for Tempest includes all kinds of great new booty! A new map, a chest full of new quests, various faction traits for settlements and so much more! Visit the Tempest steam page for a full list of what’s included!

I may have run out of pirate puns, but you won’t run out of things to do with the latest Tempest update. After only two months, Tempest continues to grow from the feedback of its players and the team promises this will not be the last update! Check the Steam store for more information, and check out the official game trailer right now!

New ships, a new map, start your pirate career off in style!

Tempest is now available on the Humble Store!

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