Super Mario and Old School Pokémon Stickers out for iOS 10

A couple Nintendo video game characters have stuck themselves onto the Apple app store. Coinciding with the launch of iOS 10, Super Mario Run and Pokémon Pixel Art packs are now available to be downloaded to iMessage.

Super Mario Run iMessage stickers

If you’ve ever felt like your iMessage chats were lacking a distinct Mushroom Kingdom flavour, you’re in for a treat. Available for free, users of iOS 10 can adorn their conversations with stickers of the world’s most famous Italian in red and blue overalls. iPhone and iPad users can assemble a selection of cute images like Mario running out of a warp pipe towards a mushroom, or placing his signature hat and moustached nose over a picture of a friend.

This sticker pack is part of the build up to the recently announced Super Mario Run, Mario’s first full game on a smart device. It is currently penned for release holiday 2016.

An iMessage chat with Pokemon stickers

Nintendo fans with an iPhone or iPad can also enjoy a more nostalgic set of stickers, as the Pokémon pixel pack features a number first generation Pokémon in their original Red & Blue incarnations, including a puzzled Psyduck and a smirking Gengar.

Throughout 2016, Pokémon has been celebrating its 20th anniversary. Most notably on February 27th Pokémon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow versions were re-released on the Nintendo 3DS virtual console. This commemorated 20 years, to the day, that the original Pokémon Red & Green versions were released in Japan.

The Pokémon pixel art pack can be purchased for $1.99. Both sticker packs can be accessed via iTunes at the links below, or simply through the app store button within the iMessage app itself.

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