Nintendo Stock Rises As Super Mario Run Launches Next Week

Nintendo Stock has risen again as their mobile game Super Mario Run approaches. The stock is the highest its been since Pokemon Go.

Nintendo Stock Rises As Super Mario Run Launches Next Week

According to a report by Bloomberg Technology, Nintendo stock has risen to the highest its been since Pokémon Go launched this past summer due to the market's anticipation of Super Mario Run next week.

Rising 3.7%, the mobile game is being developed entirely by Nintendo, as opposed to the aforementioned Pokémon Go, which was made by Niantic. This means that almost all the revenue that Nintendo generates from the game will go directly to the company, proving it could be a more profitable venture if things work out.

A chart, courtesy of Bloomberg and found below, evidences this, as the company's stock soared once Pokemon Go released, then declined for a period before Super Mario Run was unveiled at the Apple event in September. The stock maintained itself at a fair level until it dropped slightly, then surged again due to Nintendo's marketing efforts in the past month.

Chart courtesy of Bloomberg

One of these efforts came as an appearance in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, as not only the upcoming mobile Mario game was shown, but also the publisher's new console, the Nintendo Switch, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on it.

Super Mario Run releases this upcoming Thursday for iOS devices. It'll be coming to Android next year.

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