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Release date Super Mario Run for Android devices announced!

Nintendo revealed the release date for Super Mario Run on Android in a tweet. As previously stated by Nintendo the game will be released to all Android devices in March of this year. Super Mario Run will be released for Android devices this...

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Super Mario Run File Size Revealed

Super Mario Run releases tomorrow and the file size has been revealed. The game will have a free trial and will be available for purchase. It requires iOS 8.0 or later to play. Super Mario Run is almost here and the base file size for ...

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Nintendo Stock Rises As Super Mario Run Launches Next Week

Nintendo Stock has risen again as their mobile game Super Mario Run approaches. The stock is the highest its been since Pokemon Go. According to a report by Bloomberg Technology, Nintendo stock has risen to the highest its been since Pok&ea...

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Super Mario and Old School Pokémon Stickers out for iOS 10

A couple Nintendo video game characters have stuck themselves onto the Apple app store. Coinciding with the launch of iOS 10, Super Mario Run and Pokémon Pixel Art packs are now available to be downloaded to iMessage. If you’ve ever f...

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