Super Mario Run File Size Revealed

Super Mario Run releases tomorrow and the file size has been revealed. The game will have a free trial and will be available for purchase. It requires iOS 8.0 or later to play.

Super Mario Run File Size Revealed
Super Mario Run is almost here and the base file size for it has finally been revealed. It will need 205 MB free on your mobile device, however keep in mind that with updates this will probably go up. 205 MB is a pretty good size and won't make you to delete a bunch of apps to make room. The game will most likely have a lot of future content updates in the future. The mobile Mario game will be available on November 15 on the Apple App Store for U.S $9.99. However a free trial will be available for some levels in the game. If you're a huge Mario fan this is a great experience to take on the go.

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