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Sniper Elite 4’s first DLC comes out this week

The first batch of DLC is coming for Sniper Elite 4, including a mini-campaign called Deathstorm, a new multiplayer mode, and a bunch of additional freebies. The DLC is the first in a three part series which is set to culminate in May/June 2017.

Sniper Elite 4's first DLC comes out this week
Tuesday March 21st sees a bunch of new downloadable goodies coming to Sniper Elite 4 as well as the continuation of Karl Fairburne's brutal vendetta against Nazi organs through a new mini-campaign called Deathstorm. Playable as a solo sniper or as two player co-op, the campaign is set after the events of the main game and will have you searching for a component critical to the completion of the Manahattan Project – aka the project that led to the US's creation of nuclear weaponry.

The DLC only includes the first of the 3 part DLC storyline, Deathstorm Part 1: Inception, and is set within the frozen climes of northern Italy. The player will have to tackle familiarly impossible odds as they eliminate Nazi soldiers amongst a recently bombed out naval base, currently home to an enemy destroyer. All in a day's work for Fairburne.

An additional expansion pack called the Night Fighter pack will also be available for download. It includes three new weapons, night-time camo skins for eight weapons, and two new character skins.

For the multiplayer inclined, the DLC comes with a new free game mode called Elimination which seems to celebrate clutch kills, and a new map called Night Woods which looks exactly how you might imagine. Here is a brief description:

This two-team mode for up to 12 players is all about trying to whittle down your opponent's numbers. If you kill an enemy player, they're forced to sit out on the sidelines. But if their team kills one of your teammates, they tag back in one of their sidelined comrades. In Elimination, all is not lost, even when you're 1 v 6.

Sniper Elite 4, Night Woods
For our full impressions of the Sniper Elite 4 main game, check out the review here.

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