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Evolve – Week-One stats

Evolve - Week-One stats.

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Published 2K Games has released a detailed information about the game's statistics and achievements in its first week.

Evolve Week-One Stats:

  • Nearly 6 million matches played–5,989,905 to be exact.

  • Longest match: 43 minutes.

  • Shortest match: 60 seconds.

  • Average match length: 9:46 minutes.

  • Total combined time played: 108 years.

  • 133.7 million minutes watch on Twitch.

  • Most popular Assault Hunter character (among level-20+ players): Hyde.

  • Most popular Trapper Hunter character (among level-20+ players): Abe.

  • Most popular Medic Hunter character (among level-20+ players): Lazarus.

  • Most popular Support Hunter character (among level-20+ players): Cabot.

  • Most popular Monster (among level-20+ players): Goliath.

  • Monsters won 51.9 percent of matches.

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