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Evolve – game breaking Nest mode?

Evolve - game breaking Nest mode?

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Marty Sliva from IGN has played Evolve for 12 hours and tried the new Nest mode. And his summary is positive. Because he was afraid that the game has shown all the secrets and gameplay in the past six months and there was nothing more to discover. But Nest mode added enough changes and tweaks to keep him happy and focused.

What is this mode about?

"Nest’s biggest change is in your primary mission objective. Instead of trying to take out the Monster or protect the generator, the four Hunters are tasked with seeking out six eggs scattered in random spots across a given map. You have 10 minutes to complete your objective, and the locations of the eggs are switched up every round, so you’ll most likely be a bit disorientated when you land on the ground. However, your team’s radar will point you towards a handful of the objectives, which is the moment things get interesting."

Evolve: Nest Mode Reveal - Monster Gameplay in 60 FPS - IGN First

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