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Sniper Elite 4 will look incredible!

Sniper Elite 4, the next installment in Rebellion Developments' World War shooter franchise, has been confirmed to have Direct X 12 support at launch, as well as support for the powerful PS4 Pro, enabling a higher framerate, better graphical fidelity, faster load times and more. Death has never looked so beautiful

Sniper Elite 4 will look incredible!
The Sniper Elite franchise has been well received by gamers over the years, with all past games gaining either good or great reviews on both gaming review sites and user-review features on Steam. With Sniper Elite 4 dropping on February 14th 2017, developers Rebellion Developments have announced the support of Direct X 12 on PC and the PS4 Pro, meaning that this instalment of the World War shooter will look amazing.

If, like me, you're not up to brush on exactly what Direct X 12 support means, lets look at a quote from Nvidia's Henry Moreton:

"Historically, drivers and OS software have managed memory, state, and synchronization on behalf of developers. However, inefficiencies result from the imperfect understanding of an application's needs. DX12 gives the application the ability to directly manage resources and state, and perform necessary synchronization. As a result, developers of advanced applications can efficiently control the GPU, taking advantage of their intimate knowledge of the game's behavior."

This means that developers for PC games are able to increase graphical quality by making their games run more efficiently on your system. Direct X 12 improves on the previous edition, allowing an even more efficient and enjoyable experience on games supporting its functionality. Sniper Elite 4 will also support Direct X 11 to better accomodate a wider pool of gamers that may not yet have access to the latest edition of the software.

The PS4 Pro runs better hardware than the PS4, allowing 4K rendering on select games, and a generally improved experience graphically and performance-wise on many other games, often meaning shorter load times, a more stable frame rate etc. PS4 Pro support for Sniper Elite 4 will mean the following:

• Enhanced frame rate
• Increased draw distances
• Increased geometry level of detail
• Improved lighting and shadows fidelity
• Increased image quality of reflections
• Faster loading times

With these additions, Sniper Elite 4 will prove to be one of the smoothest and best looking games on PC and PS4 Pro this year. The game releases on February 14th 2017.

Sniper Elite 4 - Gameplay Trailer

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    Personally, I expect new games to support the newest technology. It would be disappointing if they didn’t.


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