Quantum Break has a lot of issues on PC

While the main slogan of the game is "Time is Power", it seems like there is no PC configuration that has enough power to handle the game.

Quantum Break
The game has numerous issues on the PC platform. Some of them could be worked around, however, UWP (Universal Windows Platform) completely eliminates the possibility to do so. Even on high-end computers, Quantum Break suffers a lot from the performance issues. As Eurogamer says, the current issues are connected with unstable frame rate, image quality, and date streaming. Other issues include crashing of NVidia drivers during the game as well as numerous issues caused by the restrictions and limitations that UWP creates. Visit the link below for more detailed information on the problems. Keep in mind that as a verdict, Eurogamer advises to not to buy a PC version of the game now and wait until most of the issues are fixed.  

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