Pre-download and install size reveal for Quantum Break

Check out the Xbox Store to pre-order Quantum Break and pre-download it right now.

Quantum Break - Time is Power
Right now you can pre-order and install Quantum Break on your Xbox One right now through the Xbox Store. Obviously the catch is you won’t be able to play it until it’s release date, which is world wide on April , 5th of this year. Also with the pre-order of Quantum Break you will receive ‘Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the Xbox 360 game playable on Xbox One.’ Along with Alan Wake you will also get Quantum Break for the PC as well with your pre-order of the game for Xbox One. All that for around $60, that sounds pretty good to me. Remember that Quantum Break’ hits world wide for Xbox One and PC on April, 5th of this year. As always stay Keen with KeenGamer for the latest news!

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