Quantum Break VS. Singularity

Due to the recent release of Quantum Break, many gamers got a taste at live Time manipulation systems. But is the concept all that original? Perhaps we can take at look at One of Activision's published games back in 2010. "Singularity"

A look at Quantum Break

Due to the recent release of a Butterfly Effect, visually stunning, cinematic, third person, action paced Time Travelling Video Game, “Quantum Break”. (Ya, that’s a lot of description) the game has become a great artistic success.

Quantum Break is developed by Remedy Entertainment and published through Microsoft. This time traveling adventure features Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from X-men) as Jack Joyce the protagonist of this story and Aidan Gillen (Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones) as Paul Serene the antagonist. The game also features live action episodes that also change depending on the choices you make in-game.

Jack Joyce is able to manipulate time along with Serene. With a countdown till the end of time, Jack rushes to shut down a fracture in time due to Serene’s first time machine. Quantum Break is full of Puzzle Solving, Gun battles against unique enemies (Some able to manipulate time as well), engaging story line that allows the player to choose his/her path.

As fun and amazing this story is, is this video game concept a first? If you would look back to Activision year 2010 AD, a fast action paced, Call of Duty like video game called, “Singularity” was based around time travel.

Singularity Title Image.

A look at Singularity

Singularity is developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. It features the player as Captain Renko, a U.S. Soldier investigating a strange radioactive signal coming from a secret Russian Island. A new element was discovered. E-99 was the life of the island. As well as its death. Since the U.S. developed the atomic bomb, Russia was also in need of a supper weapon. What better weapon to use than time itself. A devise was developed called the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) which allows the wearer to manipulate time in generalized areas, like Jack Joyce.

E-99, the element able to control time has other properties. It has the ability to accelerate plant growth (Probably due to the time manipulation) and to mutate flesh in to dangerous creatures set on killing. Also go by Zeks. Unlike Quantum Break, Singularity is a first person Shooter, and has almost the same controls and vibes as Call of Duty. It’s literally like Call of Duty, just with time traveling added to it.

The game also allows the player to choose how finish the game. In the end, you are given the choice to shoot a character or two in the story. Whatever choice you make, you get to enter a short cinematic timeline on how the future continues, based on the choice you had made.

Fans have been begging for a sequel of Singularity, but Raven Software has neither confirmed nor denied that there will be a sequel. Perhaps we will see another soon due to the inspiration, graphical, and artistic success of Quantum Break. We can only hope for now.

Game Features

Over all, both are fantastic games to play. Quantum Break has interesting combat features, along with binding it with the storyline. Quantum is not necessarily combat focused. There’s more to the came than guns. It is very story based, along with puzzle solving, finding documents that add to the story’s environment, and ammunition savaging. Over all, the game is to be an experience. To understand the live you are facing and saving. If you’re looking for a more story developed then Quantum Break is the Game for you.In-Game Documents can be found to evolve story.

While on the other hand, Singularity (Like I said before) is more of a Call of Duty FPS; just with time travel added to it. You face enemies almost every five minutes, you gather upgrades for you TMD, and occasionally, a Quantum serge happens to where you entire environment changes into another time period. Over all, if you the kind of gamer who just wishes to spray bullets, see gore, witness mayhem, and just drain the very life from your enemies using accelerated time, then Singularity is the game for you.

Monsters try to get ya


Quantum Break is one of your more recent games. Exceptionally B-E-A-U-tiful scenes in this game. Especially the detail gone into the characters. Literally, mimicking the very faces and bodies of the actors playing the characters. These are not some new faces developed by the imagination of a modeler, which is the usual method. Remedy Entertainment attempted to go for a more movie look, since they decided to add a short live action series to the game, based on your in-game decisions. Quantum has had serious work on the details of the environment. The developers had the focus for time manipulated scenes to where the gamer would always be staring at the marvels of the character’s entire surroundings changing to or from the past or present. This is a biggy for the game. So, if you’re a PC gamer with an older rig, you might as well keep dreaming of playing this.

Stuning visuals of exploding helocopter crashing into glass office.

Singularity, being on older (2010) video game, the graphics are not as taxing on our processors as the games we see today. That does not mean the game is not graphically marveling, because it still is. On an island where all the materials are rusty, weathered, broken and covered in growth, Singularity is an awesome view of an apocalyptical town on the verge to fall away into time. Now you can walk up to some basic objects, and notice the object is in a pixelated material. This just goes to show that some details did not receive special attention. But for its time, it has a feat that not a lot of games had. That is when you are in the middle of an area of the island current state, then all of a sudden the environment changes in almost an instant. New objects, new materials, new scenery, and new enemies. So I will go to say that Singularity is graphically sound for old and new users.

The source of The TMD's power.

Game Customizations/Settings

Like most games, Quantum Break allows you to customize the settings of you game. To tone down the graphics in some areas, to boost the graphics is other areas, or have them all maxed out or all low. All depending on how the user thinks his rig will handle the game. Even the controls. Players are able to changes keyboard, or control bind schemes.Quantum Break Settings page.

Singularity however does not give you as much customization over your settings like other games. Apparently the detail of your graphics are encoded into the resolution you choose for your rig. A little confusing so how some users’ rig reacts to this, I do not know. Frankly I did not have any issues with this, but I cannot go to say about how other outdated PCs react to this. Along with the controls, they do allow custom key binds (for the mouse and keyboard) but I found that there are a few controls that we are not allowed to change. Why this is, I do not know. Perhaps not a lot of thought went into this. 


Over all, they are both excellent games to play. It’s really based off of a gamer’s preference. Story based, or fast paced. The games both have their own uniqueness that other games do not possess, so that’s a positive. I enjoyed playing and using the mechanics of both games and getting a feel on how they operate.

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