Quantum Break has “Gone GOLD”

Sam Lake from Remedy tweeted out an announcement the Quantum Break has "Gone GOLD", meaning that development is finished.

Quantum Break has Gone GOLD!

The highly anticipated action shooter Quantum Break has finished development. News has been exploding about this game for the past couple weeks; from the no Steam launch to the free Windows 10 versions for Xbox One pre-orders to the live action show that reacts to decisions made in-game, this game has a lot going. However, Sam Lake from Remedy tweeted at 2:45 on Feb 19th that Quantum Break has “Gone GOLD”, meaning development is officially finished.

While we still have to wait until April 5th to get the game, there are so many amazing features to get excited for. We already mentioned the no Steam release, which has the Steam community rather upset, (and understandably so). However, those that pre-order the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will get the Windows 10 version for PC for free. With save syncing the game will allow you to begin play on one device, and then continue on another right where you left off. Beyond that there’s a live-action show in-game that will further the story of Quantum Break.

Quantum Break will hit shelves April 5th, but pre-order for Xbox One now and get two versions of the game for one price.

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