New Gameplay Trailer Takes A Deeper Look At Star Wars: Squadrons

The upcoming outer-space dogfighting game Star Wars: Squadrons received a details-packed official gameplay trailer during the EA Play Live 2020 broadcast. The trailer provided further information on the game’s single-player story, multiplayer modes, types of ships, customisation options, and more. Here is everything we learned about this frenetic new game taking place in a galaxy far, far away.

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Earlier this week, EA announced Star Wars: Squadrons, a first-person cockpit shooter set in the mega-popular Star Wars universe, post Return of the Jedi. Developed by Motive Studios, the reveal trailer showed the game to have both single-player and multiplayer content, and will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 2, 2020. Furthermore, we were told that the entirety of the game will be compatible with VR, satisfying any budding pilots who were looking for complete immersion in their star fighting experience.

It’s only been a handful of days since that announcement, and EA has already uncovered more layers surrounding Star Wars: Squadrons as they took a deep dive into different aspects of the game during their EA Play Live 2020 presentation. The official gameplay trailer greatly expands upon the established information about the game, while showing off a few new surprises along the way.

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Gameplay Trailer

The story mode is set after the destruction of the second Death Star over the moon of Endor and will alternate between two customisable characters fighting for either side of the conflict. The first will be a member of the Vanguard Squadron fighting for the New Republic and trying to eradicate the remnants of the fallen Empire. The second will be an Imperial pilot flying for the Titan Squadron as they seek vengeance against the former Rebels.

Motive Studio’s creative director Ian Frazier stated that “you are going to meet a diverse cast of characters along the way and also a few familiar faces”. We can only hope this means you’ll get that to fight with, or against, the Millennium Falcon at some point in the story.

Trailer: “With a squadron of diverse characters at your side, prove your skills on increasingly challenging missions. The story of the 2 pilots you play will shape the balance of power in the galaxy.”

On the multiplayer side of things, Star Wars: Squadrons will have you team up in a squad of 5 in both Dogfight and Fleet Battle mode. Dogfight mode takes the essence of aerial combat and translates it into a 5v5 outer-space skirmish to the death. The trailer goes into detail about how carefully choosing your loadout and making smart use of components like turrets and mines will play a big role in coming out the victors.

Of course, the TIE Fighter is going to make an appearance.

Of course, the TIE Fighter is going to make an appearance.

Fleet Battles is touted as the “signature mode” of Star Wars: Squadrons and is a multi-tiered star fight with your team of 5 looking to take down an entire enemy fleet. Playable either with friends or AI, the mode starts off in a social hub where you can communicate with your teammates regarding strategy and loadouts. From there, a dogfight takes place in the centre of the map, which then transitions into either attacking or defending a pair of capital ships. Finally, an assault is made on the sub-systems of your opponent’s giant flag ship, with the aim of blowing it to smithereens.

The gameplay of Star Wars: Squadrons features a cockpit view showing all the vital instruments needed to gauge how your ship and the fight is faring. The visual look of your ship can be changed to your liking, while a plethora of components can be unlocked through gameplay that will impact different ship attributes such as flight and fighting prowess.

There's a lot to keep in mind when in the heat of battle.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when in the heat of battle.

There are 8 types of ships to master in Star Wars: Squadrons, with the New Republic and Empire each having a vessel in the 4 different classes. Fighters are the allrounders of the pack, so it comes as no surprise that the iconic X-Wing and TIE Fighter make up this class. The A-Wing and The Interceptor account for the speedy Interceptor class, while U-Wings and TIE Reapers are the Support ships for any helpful squad mates out there. Lastly, the heavy Bomber class is taken up by U-Wings and TIE Bombers.

As stated, Star Wars: Squadrons will be playable in VR from beginning to end. From what we’ve seen so far, the game appears to be strong with the force, and we don’t even have to wait that long as it will be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 2, 2020.

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