Star Wars: Squadrons Has Been Confirmed by EA

A brand-new Star Wars game has leaked on Microsofts Xbox homeapge! Star Wars: Squadrons is the name of this new title and it looks to be a spiritual successor of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Are you ready to hop back in the pilot seat of an iconic Star Wars starfighter?

For a few short moments this morning, it looks like the latest Star Wars game was revealed on Microsoft’s Xbox website. EA quickly played damage control on the situation by confirming the title just a few hours after this leak. EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons seems to be a spiritual successor to 1998’s Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. There have been many rumors on EA Motive’s Project Maverick, and this seems to be it. EA Motive is not new to the Star Wars IP however, they had a hand in the Star Wars: Battlefront II campaign. 

Venturebeat reports the space combat sim will feature a single-player campaign but focus mostly on the multiplayer experience. They also go on to report this is the game EA deemed acceptable and not too ambitious to go out relatively soon to properly capitalize on the Star Wars IP, so take that for what you will. While EA has confirmed that we will see the reveal trailer on Monday, but we are sure we will see more of this title at EA Play on June 18th. 

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