Star Wars: Squadrons Complete Trophy/Achievements List

Use this guide to learn how to get all of the trophies in Star Wars: Squadrons, how hard they are to get, and what exactly you need to do in order to get them. It's a game that some players will pour thousands of hours into, and it's got a bunch of interesting trophies to collect. For sure a good way to gauge just how long you'll need to get the platinum.

Star Wars: Squadrons Complete Trophy/Achievements List Cover

With Star Wars: Squadrons very close to being out, now is the time to study what you need to do in order to earn these achievements/trophies so you can do it in the game. This is EA’s budget Star Wars entry for 2020, and to be honest, it looks incredible. The game has a lot of longevity potential, and I believe that it’s one that will be enjoyable for a number of years. I reckon getting the platinum in this game could only take you a couple of weeks, perfect for any trophy and achievement hunters out there. 

Star Wars: Squadrons Trophy and Achievement List

Platinum Pilot Unlock all of the Trophies Platinum
the Galaxy’s Finest (Story Mode) Complete the campaign on Story Mode difficulty Bronze
The Galaxy’s Finest (Pilot) Complete the campaign on Pilot difficulty Bronze
Dressed for the Job You Want Equipped your first legendary cosmetic on a pilot Bronze
A Starfighter of Your Own Acquired your first Starfighter component Bronze
A Better Idea In multiplayer, modified a Starfighter’s preset loadout Bronze
A Promising Career Reached Pilot Level 10 Bronze
Victory for the New Republic As the New Republic, won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles Bronze
Victory for the Empire As The Empire, won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles Bronze
Heavy Hitter In multiple Ranked Fleet Battles, dropped 50 bombs to Capital Ship hulls Bronze
Begin the Ceremony Earn your first award Bronze
Found Your Place Complete the ranked placement matches Bronze
I Have You Now Win 15 Dogfight matches Bronze
Stay on Target Win 15 co-op Fleet Battles against the AI Bronze
Stronger Together Win a match while playing in a party Bronze
Stun ‘Em disable the same player five times in a single match Bronze
Sound Strategy Destroy your first subsystem Bronze
Fearless Destroyed an enemy with hull integrity at or below 5% Bronze
Back From the Brink  Returned to the hanger with under 5% hull integrity Bronze
Trigger Happy Deal more than 50,000 laser damage in one match Bronze
Squadron Hunter Destroy four of each starfighter class in Dogfight matches Bronze
Unkillable Countered or evaded five lock-ons in a row in one match Bronze
The Trap is Set Damage 5 enemies with Seeker Mines in one match Bronze
Shallow Grave Use Supply Droids or Tactical Shields to rescue allies near death in ranked Fleet Battles 10 times Bronze
Got ‘Em Over multiple Dogfight matches, destroy a disabled Starfighter 10 times Bronze
Denied In ranked Fleet Battles, shoot down 30 mines, missiles, or bombs Bronze
Fracture at Fostar Haven Complete the Prologue Bronze
Combat Pilot In Dogfight matches, destroy 50 pilots Bronze
Stomped Win a Fleet Battle vs AI match with both your Flagship and Capital Ship intact Bronze


Across the Stars Win a ranked Fleet Battle on every map Silver
Fully Decorated On any difficulty, earned all story medals Silver
Great Shot, Kid In a Fleet Battle, deal the final blow to an enemy Flagship Silver
I Know a Few Maneuvers While drifting in Dogfight, destroy 10 starfighters in total  Silver
Mission Accomplished Earn every medal in a story mission Silver
Seasoned Star Pilot Reach Pilot Level 40 Silver
Special Modifications Acquire 50 Starfighter components Silver
The Galaxy’s Finest (Veteran) Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty Silver
Unstoppable Ace Across multiple Dogfight matches, destroy 250 Starfighters Silver


The Galaxy’s Finest (Ace) Complete the campaign on Ace difficulty Gold
Ultimate Weapon Across multiple Dogfight matches, destroy 1000 Starfighters Gold

Secret Trophies

These will be updated as soon as the game launches and we can see them.

Get Them While You’re Addicted

As you can see, there’s really not a lot to the Star Wars: Squadrons trophy and achievement list. This is a game that’s designed to be played through solo a couple of times. Maybe four for completionists, but really it’s about the multiplayer. EA has doubled down on making this a fun experience for players to drop in and out of once or twice a week. There’s very little incentive to come in daily, aside from the daily missions. Overall though, it’s a game that I think will be filled with players who occasionally want to remember that feeling of being an Ace Pilot

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Reveal Trailer

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