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An Old Doom 4 Concept Trailer Just Got Leaked

If you were a fan of Doom 4 which was the old build of Doom 2016, you'll be surprised that a concept trailer just recently leaked. It revealed a lot of never before seen footage, and it might paint a more clear picture of what the old Doom 4 was striving to be back in the seventh generation of consoles.

In case you have forgotten, back in the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 generation, id Software had plans on releasing Doom 4 after the original Rage. Unfortunately, that never happened because the game went into development hell.

Throughout the years, there were leaks and unseen footage of the lost Doom 4 that was revealed when the game was still in development or cancelled.

DOOM 4 Trailer (2012 Concept)

Recently, there just been another leaked concept trailer that was finally revealed publicly.

The trailer showcased some of the grotesque environments, and it also revealed an earlier prototype of the Chaingunner from Doom II: Hell on Earth. The Chaingunner would eventually become the Riot Soldier for Doom Eternal’s The Ancient Gods expansion. 

The trailer is short; clocking at 33 seconds. There’s no information whether it was supposed to be a trailer designed for marketing or to help the internal developers figure out the game’s overall direction.

Doom 4 was scrapped to become a 2016 reboot of the original Doom. The game proved to be a success for the developers as it sold nearly 2 million copies on the PC platform. The game also had a Metacritic score of middle to high eighties on the big console platforms at the time and PC.

One of the leaked concept arts. This photo was leaked publicly when the game was still in development.

One of the leaked concept arts. This photo was leaked publicly when the game was still in development.

Doom 4 was also infamous for not being present or revealed publicly at previous Quakecon events during the time it was still in development. The game created a bit of infamy for promising to show fans what the game would like, but end up not keeping its promise.

John Carmack, who at the time, was an employee for id Software. He stated that Doom 4 would be “demons and shotguns.”

Carmack would also revealed that Doom 4 was supposedly running at 30 frames per second for single player while the multiplayer would have double the frame rate. The single player had less frame rate, so the game could throw more amount of enemies towards the player.

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