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Doom (2016)

My First Time: Doom (2016)

Doom: Eternal is out in just a few short months, so let's take a look at The game that revitalised the series. Doom (2016) breathed new life into the dormant series and returned the title to the top o...

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Doom Soundtrack Making Its Way to Vinyl and CD

The DOOM franchise was revitalized with not only the heart-pounding gameplay but the epic music pushing you ever forward. DOOM's soundtrack done by one man Mick Gordon, has much critical acclaim. It c...

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DOOM – Bloodfall DLC is out

Bloodfall DLC includes 3 New Maps, New Weapon, New Playable Demon, 3 New Hack Modules, New Equipment, 4 new Cultist themed armor sets, and 15 new customization patterns and colors. Third multiplayer D...

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Free Update 5 is out for DOOM players

DOOM – Free Update 5 brings bots, new mode & Echelon 11. Watch the video inside to get more info on the update. Since the launch of DOOM, id Software has released four major content updates, brin...

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Bethesda’s VP didn’t predict DOOM’s single-player success

Bethesda’s Hines "surprised" by how much people liked DOOM’s single-player. "If you are at Bethesda and play the single-player, you might think it’s really fun and different. But you don’t know if you...

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Free demo and more E3 DOOM news

Bethesda has shared some info on the future content for their recently released DOOM. During the week of E3 you can play the game's demo for free. While this year’s E3 is a source of the news ab...

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DOOM Review

A review for DOOM on the PlayStation 4. A modern take on a classic FPS game which takes the best from the original title and put it together with new graphics, sound, and everything modern platforms c...

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DOOM officially launched across globe

Over the last couple of month, id Software and Bethesda have done a lot of promotion work. Finally, DOOM is released worldwide in every region and can be played on any platform. Over the last couple o...

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There are more DOOM trailers than you think!

"There’s more to DOOM than just running and gunning." Watch DOOM’s Executive Producer Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin finding out how you can customize the single-player experience to...

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