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6 Doom Multiplayer Modes

Bethesda has announced that the upcoming Doom release will launch with six multiplayer game modes. The beta is coming soon and 2 modes will be available to try.

Doom multiplayer modes

The first mode is called Harvest, which is a kill-and-collect style game mode. You will battle in a stage and have to collect souls of defeated enemies to earn points. Teammates can collect allies’ souls to stop the other team from picking up points. The first player killed in the game mode will drop what is known as a demon rune, which means whoever picks it up will turn into a powerful demon. The power-up has no time limit and kills with it will yield two souls instead of one.

In Freeze Tag mode players are frozen in place, rather than dying and have to be released by teammates. The objective of Freeze Tag is to completely freeze the opposing team.

There is a King of the Hill type game mode known as Warpath, which involves a capture point that moves around the map. The objective is fairly straightforward and we will get to this this in the upcoming beta. The three other modes will be Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Clan Arena, a mode with no respawns, pick-ups, or health regeneration where victory is earned by the team that fully eliminates the other.

Doom is set to release on May 13th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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