6 Minutes of Skull & Bones Alpha has been leaked.

Footage of Ubisoft's anticipated Skull & Bones Alpha has been leaked by users. What seems to be a gameplay trailer has surfaced on Reddit originating from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours. The footage includes essential explanations of the primary gameplay elements, but if this is everything, the game seems to be missing many features...

6 minutes of skulls & bones alpha footage has been leaked

It is safe to say that Skull & Bones seems to have anchored at a solid state to be shown to the gaming community. Since Ubisoft’s first cinematic trailer at E3 2017, fans have been lingering for new footage after the game’s alleged multiple reboots. This leak comes, of course, after years of draining Ubisoft Singapore’s resources to the point where cancellation becomes the game’s inevitable fate.

It is apparent that the game appears to take place in the golden age of piracy. Skull & Bones Alpha mechanics center around building “infamy” and going on quests and/or contracts to earn in-game currencies that can be used in buying and upgrading ships to unlock more quests and contracts.

Sea of Thieves and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag are the two primary standards for what a game about piracy should look like in the future. It is unfortunate that important features like sword combat and manually boarding ships are cut from the game. If anyone had to take an educated guess, it’s probably the multiple reported reboots of the game and the following COVID crisis that commenced in 2020.

 Of Course, Skull & Bones Alpha footage is not really enough to judge the final product, and who knows? Maybe Ubisoft Singapore will get to pick up on some of the Internet’s criticism of the footage and tune in some of the missing features.

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