Skull & Bones is Still Happening, But as a Reboot

After being silent since 2018, sources tell VGC that Skull & Bones is getting a reboot to follow a "live" model. Similar to other Ubisoft games like The Division, the pirate game will deliver consistent new stories and activities. The engagement with the community will dictate what the future holds when the game launches.

Skull & Bones gets a reboot

In a report from VGC, Ubisoft is going to reboot Skull & Bones, its naval action game. 

Sailing the seas and battling it out against other ships will be led by Ubisoft’s Singapore studio. It marks the first project to be driven by the division. The problem that occurred is the identity of the project compared to the company’s flagship series like Assassin’s Creed, which inspired the pirate game from Black Flag.

One of the anonymous sources told VGC that Skull & Bones got its reboot last year to separate itself from the blueprint that the company often has followed with its AAA releases. This explains why we have not heard anything during Ubisoft Forward, with the last mention of possibly embarking on a pirate ship was E3 2018. The new direction will follow a “live model.” This will include a persistent world with quests and stories that will change over time. 

This is not the only game that has this model as The Division and its sequel have made a mark with delivering new stories, characters, and activities for players. Outside of the open-world genre, Ubisoft games like Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor have succeeded with consistent updates.

Skull & Bones: E3 2018 The Hunting Grounds | Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

Fortnite was mentioned to VGC as an inspiration for this decision. The player base will help guide the direction as the studio develops new stories to tell. 

Leadership over the game has changed too. The creative director is now editorial VP Elisabeth Pellen. Meanwhile, the former creative director Justin Farren moved to Wargaming, the studio behind World of Tanks.

Skull & Bones was first shown in 2017. Ubisoft promised a beta that never saw the light of day. As its 2018 release date is long gone, the plan is to release in 2021.

What do you think of the reboot of Skull & Bones? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments.

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