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Skater XL Trophies And Achievements List Complete

Skater XL is a brand new skateboarding franchise and its console debut will be accompanied by 22 trophies for you to grind your way to. Originally releasing on Steam, Skater XL is now receiving a console port. These trophies and achievements won't come automatically however, they will of course, be manual.

Skater XL Complete Trophies And Achievements List Cover

2020 is quickly becoming the year of the skateboard. After Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 seemingly buried the genre once and for all, we now suddenly have three different skateboarding games very much in the public domain. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 are getting the remaster treatment, EA shocked the world by announcing the a continuation of the fabled Skate franchise, and Skater XL is the newest game to dip its toes into the water. To celebrate the upcoming console port, we present to you the full Skater XL trophies and achievements list.

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Trophy HunterEarn all Trophies in Skater XL
Out here grindin’Grind 1km in total
Who needs 4 wheelsManual for 1 hour in total
UngrindableDo a 40 meter long grind
Ultimate BalanceDo a 100 meter long manual
Flatspots of hellDo a 20 meter long powerslide
Around the worldTravel over 40.075km in total
Pro Skater XLGet at least 10 meters up in the air
Dropping JawsLand from a drop at least 5 meters high
NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLEJump a distance of over 50 meters
Mongo PusherPush mongo 100 times
Finish all TutorialFinish all tutorials
Fashion ExpertChange clothes or gear 20 times
FilmerEdit and save a replay
BirbmanDo a 900 degree rotation in the air
IndestructableBail over 1000 times
Treflip MasterDo 10 treflips in a row
Technical WizardryDo 3 different flip tricks in one combo
All the grindsDo 5 different grinds in one line
Flip in…Land a flip into a grind
Grind to GrindJump out of a grind into another grind
Do a Kickflip!Do a kickflip on flat ground

Shouldn’t Be Too Much Of A Grind

Apart from the “Around The World” goal, the Skater XL trophies and achievements list seems to be quite a simplistic and quite straightforward list. So hopefully you don’t become too frustrated and go…off the rails.

Skater XL - Official Gameplay Trailer

Skater XL is available to buy on Steam, and will be available to buy on PS4, Xbox, and Switch from July 28th.

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