Iron Man VR Complete 100% Trophy List Revealed

After a brief delay, Iron Man VR is nearly with us. Tony Stark will be flying onto PSVR headsets imminently, bring with him 42 trophies. From completing the story on the hardest difficulty to destroying hundreds of enemies, Iron Man VR looks to be a super hero game that is sure to get everyone's Ark Reactor pulsing.

Iron Man VR Complete 100% Trophy List Revealed Cover

Iron Man VR potentially offers an exhilarating interaction with one of Marvel’s most beloved icons. Simulating the high-intensity vigilante work that Tony Stark has to endure to keep the world safe, Iron Man VR will give players a chance to experience this unique feeling. The aerial sensation of flying could be tough for some to handle, but a superhero should fear not! Players will have to keep their eye on the prize, especially if they want to earn 42 individual badges of honour for their esteemed collections. The Iron Man VR trophies hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a Thor in you side, although a couple may leave your Hulk-ing expectations in ruin. 

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Platinum Man Fill every slot on Tony’s trophy shelf.
Diagnostics Complete Complete the Prologue.
Suit Up! Suit up!
Out of the Blue Complete Chapter 1 – Out of the Blue
Reloaded Complete Chapter 2 – Reloaded
Hostile Takeover Complete Chapter 3 – Hostile Takeover
Best Practices Complete Chapter 4 – Best Practices
Cage Match Complete Chapter 5 – Cage Match
Living Laser Complete Chapter 6 – Living Laser
Ghost in the Machine Complete Chapter 7 – Ghost in the Machine
Bite the Bullet Complete Chapter 8 – Bite the Bullet
Uncanny Valley Complete Chapter 9 – Uncanny Valley
Laser Focused Complete Chapter 10 – Laser Focused
The Tailor’s Sketches Assemble Yinsen’s drawings.
Rock Bottom Complete Chapter 11 – Rock Bottom
Dressing Down Revive a relic.
Resilient Complete Chapter 12 – Resilient
I am Iron Man Complete all story missions on Heroic difficulty.
Superior Iron Man Complete all story missions on Super Heroic difficulty.
Invincible Iron Man Complete all story missions on Invincible difficulty.
Stark Technology Craft your first weapon.
Coat of Arms Craft all weapons.
Technical Genius Craft all Augments.
Disassembly Required Unlock and view all Drone Research.
Hypervelocity Complete all of FRIDAY’s Flight Challenges.
Execute Program Complete all of Gunsmith’s Combat Challenges.
The Week After Retirement Help a hero on one last mission.
In Extremis Complete all Missions.
Jazz Hands Destroy two enemies with Repulsors simultaneously—one with each hand.
Crowd Control Destroy six enemies with a single Auxiliary weapon shot.
No Kill Like Overkill Destroy 12 enemies with a single Unibeam attack.
Happy Hogan Special Destroy two enemies with a single Rocket Punch.
Infamous Achieve a 5-Star rating on a mission.
Unstoppable Achieve a 5-Star rating on five missions.
Overheat Destroy a total of 250 enemies with Repulsors.
War Machine Destroy a total of 250 enemies with Auxiliary weapons.
Iron Heart Destroy a total of 50 enemies with the Unibeam.
Warm Up the Gauntlets Destroy a total of 50 enemies with melee.
Iron Grip Set a new pull-ups record.
Iron Hoop Dreams Set a new basketball record.
Two Calories Catch a grape in your mouth.
Human Resources Salute the staff who keep Stark Industries running.

A Low-ki Tough One?

Without sampling the game ourselves, this platinum could potentially be a difficult one. The “catch a grape in your mouth” one not so much, but more so completing the game on Invincible difficulty. There’s always a hit of unpredictability with VR and tracking etc. So hopefully you won’t be Pepper-ed too much with problems in trying to unlock all the Iron Man VR trophies!.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Announce Trailer | PS VR

Iron Man VR will be available to buy from July 3rd.

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