The Full Trophies and Achievements List For Superliminal Revealed

Pillow Castle's mind-bending puzzler comes with 22 trophies and achievements for you to try and gain some perspective of. Setting off fire alarms and drinking sodas are just some of the random tasks that you'll face in Superliminal if you want to power through this puzzler to pick-up a platinum.

The Full Trophies and Achievements List For Superliminal Revealed Cover

Superliminal, from Pillow Castle Games, is a game that gives a whole new perspective to the word…perspective. This clever puzzler takes most of the puzzle-genre’s obligatory conventions you thought you knew, and flips the script completely. It’s littered with optical illusions and some genuinely thought-provoking scenarios that will make you question if the world around us is in fact a simulation. Superliminal is a fresh and inventive concept, that also happens to have a lot of extra thinking for you to do. Our Superliminal trophies and achievements list should tell you everything you need to know, and what to do to master this game.

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Perception is Reality Obtain all trophies
Son of Man An apple for a head
Superluminal Beat the game in under 30 minutes
Speed Runner Beat the game in under an hour
Wake Up Beat the game
Sugar Crash Break a soda can
Feeling Blue Find all blueprints
Fires Extinguished Empty all fire extinguishers
Why Are You Like This? Clone an object way too many times
Chess Master Find all secret chess pieces
Stars Align Complete all constellations
Soda Connaisseur Drink all sodas
Polite Recognition Find the hidden trophy
Please Use Other Door Find the nook in Optical
Expert Fire Alarmist Pull enough fire alarms
Fire Safety Achieved Pull all the fire alarms
Fire Alarmist Pull one fire alarm
Environment Saved! Place a soda can in a recycling bin
Please Recycle Put a soda can in the wrong place instead of recycling
Take Your Trash Elsewhere Fail at throwing away trash
Vaguely Activated Achievement Congratulations on doing something!
Kasparov Make the last move

This List Is Lit

No, quite literally, you’ll have to engage your inner-high school devil and pull fire alarms for a trophy/achievement. In addition to this, you’ll also have to drink soda, throw trash, and find chess pieces; Superliminal’s trophies and achievements list is certainly one of the more varied we’ve seen. As well as doing all this, you’ll also have to play the game a few times if you want to pull off a super-fast speedrun in under 30 minutes too.

Superliminal is now available to buy on the Epic Games Store, and will be available to buy on PS4, Xbox, and Switch from July 7th.

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