6 Best Skateboarding Games in 2022

A list of the best 6 skateboarding games available in 2022 and beyond for consoles, including Switch, PC and mobile. There are a variety of arcade-style games and realistic simulators available, so if you're a skater looking for something new to play, this list has got you covered.

Best 6 Skateboarding Games in 2022

Skateboarding and video games have always gone hand in hand. Perhaps due to the try, try, try again nature of each hobby, or their shared youthfulness in their fields of sports and entertainment respectively. Regardless, the success of both meant a collaboration was inevitable. And despite the genre coming to a slight standstill during the 2010s, the past year or so has seen a definite increase in skateboarding games’ popularity. Whether you’re an injured skater, it’s a bad weather day or you wish to live vicariously through your controller, this list has got you covered with the 6 best skateboarding games available in 2022.

Skateboarding Games

One of the first skateboarding games was 720°, an Atari Games arcade machine which arrived in 1986. I’ve included a YouTube video of some gameplay from 720° below. I thought it was interesting to see not only how far skateboarding and games have come, but also how despite all the differences of the following games, there are a lot of links to 720°. These references may be merely coincidental, in the form of mission concepts, traversal and soundtrack, or they were intentional design choices from the developers. Either way, it is easy to see that at the core of 720° and the titles below, they are all committed to delivering a fun virtual skateboarding experience. 

720 Degrees (Arcade) Gameplay

(YouTube video by fupaboychris)

Skate City 

Skate City is an arcade-style side-scrolling game. In spite of all the potential to be stress inducing, Skate City captures the peaceful side of skateboarding. A pastel palette plays part in bringing forth iconic locations for you to skate, matched with the soothing soundtrack which combined all make for a mellow experience. There is a simple filming mode which is fun to play around with, and controls are easy to pick up yet difficult to master.

The controls in Skate City are what you make of them. While easy enough to pick up and play, there are specific inputs needed to perform each trick. If you just wish to play in free skate, you can spam the controller with no trick in mind. However if you are looking for a challenge, the three maps offer various objectives. From completing a lap of the map without bailing in free skate, to perform tricks as and when prompted in timed runs.  

An animated skateboarder is in focus, doing a flip over the image text, which reads

Skate City is available on iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Session: Skate Sim

Developed by a small team, Session: Skate Sim is a big testament to Crea-ture studios love of skateboarding culture. Showcasing not only the wealth of their skate knowledge but brilliant attention to detail, NYC, San Francisco, and Philadelphia become yours to skate. Session has been in development for some years, but finally had its full release in September this year. Since it came to PlayStation, I have played 200+ hours. And I doubt that number will stand still any time soon.

It’s important to remember before jumping head first into Session, that this game was built as a skateboarding simulator. Being true to the style of skateboarding, Session: Skate Sim can make an ollie up a curb a challenge, given the right settings. The developers have been making changes to allow a more non-skater friendly entry to the game. However, if you are a skater, the “hardcore” settings will enhance the experience. There are objectives set throughout the game for you to complete, with the inclusion of skate jams later on. 

Image is black and white. Shows a skateboarder doing an ollie over a barrier.

Session: Skate Sim is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Session makes use of the dual stick controls, with the option to have each stick assigned to the left/right foot. This makes doing switch tricks or completing objectives in the opposite stance frustratingly realistic. Similar to how learning to skate switch can feel like learning to skate again, this feels like relearning controls. Session: Skate Sim does have its problems, in the form of some glitches and performance issues. Yet the team are still working post-launch, with an update coming early next year and plenty more content on the way, Session: Skate Sim is the skateboarders gift which keeps on giving.

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OlliOlli World 

At first, the OlliOlli franchise can fool a person who judges a game by its cover art. Bright and colourful, OlliOlli World can prove a hard game to master. Granted, this may be due to my own over-confidence having played OlliOlli2 and being sure that the muscle memory would kick in. Evidently, this wasn’t the case. Performing tricks in quick succession and tapping the correct buttons to ensure perfect landings takes some practice.

OlliOlli World drops you into the expansive world of Radlandia. Contrary to its predecessors, this entry to the franchise has a more developed narrative. Even though the team were trying to put out a different spin on the typical skateboard game narrative, it is easy to cringe through the dialogue about Skate Gods and Wizards.

Olli Olli World is in white text, centered in a dark pink circle. a skateboarder is doing an ollie next to this.

OlliOlli World is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

However, with the expanded dialogue and the creative world of Radlandia, there are more improvements hidden in OlliOlli World. The customisation options are fully loaded, with a whole array of clothing, hairstyles and skateboard hard-wear for you to chose from. This isn’t to say that gameplay has been ignored. Each of the vivid maps offers a quick-paced, side-scrolling challenge. Compulsory and optional challenges are littered throughout the game, pushing you to improve your dualstick tricks.

Skater XL

Skater XL is an experience which alters depending on platform. If you are on PC, there are countless mods which can be installed to boost in game performance. On console however, the game has a slight unfinished feel to it, which is mostly due to lack of material content, such as maps and clothing options. There are a few mods available to console users, allowing community made maps to be downloaded. As well as this, you can install mods for clothing/tattoos, although few of these are usable with a woman skater (no, I won’t get over it).

Aside from its short-comings, Skater XL is still a skate sandbox which you can sink hours into. Releasing in 2020, Skater XL focused on dual controls. Each stick is representative of your front foot/back foot, even when in switch stance. These controls makes it easier to perform tricks without as much thought. Everything within the maps can be skated, including big drops off of roof tops. Access to these spots is simple too, with a marker option to enable your spawn point to be set pretty much anywhere. The addition of an object dropper opens up the player to customising spots to better suit their style, albeit the options are limited.

Skateboarder doing a flip trick over a fire hydrant. The blue sky behind holds the text

Skater XL is available on PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The cherry on top for myself, is the inclusion of online multiplayer. You can join either a public lobby or create a private one. Multiplayer chaos gives the vibe of an active skate jam with numerous skaters shredding a map. While playing online, you won’t bump into other skaters, therefore not forcing them to bail. Private lobbies are fun for a few friends, especially if you attempt games of SKATE with each other.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered

Tony Hawk’s skate games were once at the top of the food chain in terms of extreme sports titles, facing a fall from grace in 2015. Yet developers at Vicarious Visions went underground and came back with a full 360 spin with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered in 2020. 

All of the original maps found in the first two entries of the Tony Hawk games come together in this action-packed remaster, alongside the (majority) of the old beloved soundtrack. Yet the remaster also brings various improvements, with an updated pro-skater roster, multiple multi-player modes and much smoother gameplay than that of the previous games. Also worth a mention is the huge collection of skate merchandise available in the in-game store, including the renowned Thrasher hoodie. 

Tony Hawk doing a grab out of a half-pipe. Below him is what text that reads

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

Sticking with the arcade-style controls, it will be stating the obvious to say that Tony Hawk games aren’t the most realistic. You control the inputs required for your skater to chain together jaw-dropping combos. Through big vert/air tricks to flips and grinds, the more tricks in your line, the bigger multiplier you achieve. The custom skater and “special trick” selection allows you to chose where you have “special tricks” mapped to, therefore you can decide which map layout works best for you. 

True Skate

Developed by True Axis and released in October 2012, True Skate is available on most mobile app stores. The official game of Street League Skateboarding, True Skate was, to my knowledge, the first game to rely on physics based board controls. 

The controls make use of the touchscreen, requiring you to swipe and flick in the relevant directions on the on-screen board in order to perform tricks. For this reason, the board control is entirely unique. This enables you to do a late-flip after a shove, or choose how slow you perform a kick flip. Being the official game of SLS, it makes sense that there are a collection of SLS parks for you to purchase and skate. 

True skate logo. The text below reads

True Skate is available on iOS, Android and recently came to PC.

Although the SLS parks need to be purchased with real-world money, True Skate has an in-game currency system. Through this, players can complete challenges to earn bigger amounts of coins. Not only this, but you can earn coins through simply playing, as tricks and lines build up a score, which in turn rewards you with a coin bonus. With these coins you can purchase some of the True Skate skateparks, and update your set-up. 

Despite releasing a decade ago, True Skate makes it onto this list as an honorary mention, due to its release on Steam this year. This announcement led to some speculation about whether or not the game will becoming to consoles, and it has been hinted that this is in the works.

TRUE SKATE | Official Steam Launch Trailer | 2022

Hopefully this list has given you plenty to play while waiting for the much anticipated skate. game. If there are any games I have missed, or there are any other skateboard games you’re looking forward to in 2023, please let me know on social media or in the comments below. 

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