Resident Evil 3 Remake: Locker and Safe Code Guide

Survival can be tough, so you need some good gear to get through a zombie-infested Racoon City. Our guide will help you find every locker and safe code in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Through this, you will be able to get upgrades to weapons along with some additional ammo along the way.

Safe found in Resident Evil 3 Remake (Credit: Capcom)

Compared to the remake of Resident Evil 2, the third installment’s from the ground up remake is minuscule with a roughly five or six-hour length to its campaign. That said, this is Resident Evil, so there are plenty of items locked away that need the right combination. This guide will help you find and open every locker and safe code in Resident Evil 3 Remake.


Downtown: Art Storage

Map of safe location in Resident Evil 3 Remake (Credit: Capcom)

The exact location of the art storage safe (Credit: Capcom)

If you played the demo of Resident Evil 3, then you know the safe and code location, which the actual combination changed for the full release. For those of you who did not play the 20-minute demo, head to the art storage room, up the stairs to the right of the Donut Shop. Next to the safe is a journal from the owner who mentions his Aqua Cure Queen. If you go to the drug store, a poster will have three numbers circled to reveal your way in for a sweet upgrade to your pistol.

  • Code: 9 left, 1 right, 8 left
  • Reward: Dot Sight (Handgun)

Raccoon City Police Department: West Office (First Floor)

West Office map in Resident Evil 3 Remake (Credit: Capcom)

The map to the safe in the West Office (Credit: Capcom)

Ah, a familiar place of horror from Resident Evil 2. If you played last year’s remake, then you may remember these codes as every locker and safe remains the same from Leon and Claire’s nightmarish adventure.

In the Darkroom on the first floor, right next to the stairs, you will find a memo that gives you the code. Head back to the West Office on the first floor to receive your inventory upgrade.

  • Code: left 9, right 15, left 7
  • Reward: Hip pouch

Spencer Memorial Hospital Nurses Station (Second Floor)

Map of the Operating Room in Resident Evil 3 Remake (Credit: Capcom)

The map for the final safe code in the hospital (Credit: Capcom)

This requires some story progression, so wait until you have the ID card and locker key. Now head to the Operation Room on the first floor and use the ID card to open the door. On a cabinet in the room, you will find a “Lost Items” file that has the code written on it. Now head back to the Nurses Station to open the safe*. 

*You must open it when playing as Carlos. If playing as Jill, then the contents will be taken away.

  • Code: left 9, right 3
  • Reward: Assault Rifle Dual Mag upgrade


Raccoon City Police Department Shower Room (Second Floor)

Finding a locker code should be easy even if you did not play the remake of Resident Evil 2, as they are all the same in RE3: while exploring the police station. On the first floor in the Operations Room, you will find a whiteboard with CAP written on it. Now head upstairs to the locked locker to open it for a flash grenade.

  • Code: CAP
  • Reward: Flash grenade

Raccoon City Police Department Third Floor

Map to the Safety Deposit Room in Resident Evil 3 Remake (Credit: Capcom)

Safety Deposit Room (Credit: Capcom)

In the hallway past the shower, you will find a locker. To find the code, head down to the Safety Deposit Room on the first floor and look for a whiteboard. You will find a picture taped on which you can examine. On the back, you will read the code DCM. Go upstairs to collect some assault rifle ammo. 

  • Code: DCM
  • Reward: Assault Rifle ammo

See, it was that quick and easy. Now that you followed our guide to find every code in Resident Evil 3 and opened each locker and safe, you should have some equipment to survive the rest of your time in Raccoon City.

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