Resident Evil 3 Remake Trailer Revealed

Resident Evil 3 Remake is officially real, we learned today from a trailer at PlayStation’s State of Play event. Capcom has been on a roll with its releases over the last few years and that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. With RE Engine looking crisp as ever, there’s plenty for fans to pour over in this exciting new trailer.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Trailer Revealed

It’s fairly conclusive that Resident Evil 2 Remake was a rip roaring success. So much so that even within the game’s release window, there was already talk of Capcom setting about making the third a reality. It was a no brainer all around and Capcom knew Resident Evil remained a huge cash cow for them. At PlayStation’s State of Play event, a Resident Evil 3 Remake trailer confirmed it. What a lovely surprise. 

From the looks of things, players can expect much the same as their previous outing with Leon and Clare. Faithful to the original, Resident Evil 3 looks to include the menacing Nemesis. Perhaps even Mr. X has squeezed his way back in. Part of the Resident Evil 3 Remake trailer takes place from a first person perspective, which will likely get tongues wagging. We also get an over-the-sink point of view. Capcom experimented with first person for Resident Evil 7 and did a great job. Was this segment indicative of gameplay or just a flashy cutscene? 

Either way, fans and newcomers are likely to welcome the next instalment of the Resi Remake franchise with open arms. Capcom has been on a roll the last few years. This Resident Evil 3 Remake trailer shows that’s not about to end. We’re just grateful that, clearly, a lot of love and passion is still being poured into these projects. 

Resident Evil 3 Remake is currently slated for release April 2020, which is not that far away. It will arrive for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We had to confirm this as all promotional material only seems to have the PlayStation logo attached. 

PlayStation’s State of Play took place October 10th at 14.00 UK time. Like many of their prior events, Sony simply let the games do the talking. What followed was twenty-three minutes of juicy new game trailers.

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