Eternal Card Game – Puzzles Guide – Basics

The puzzle mode offers a practical look at the mechanics of Eternal. But if you'd rather get in, get the coins, and get out, we have the solutions to the puzzles in "Basics" for you!

Eternal Card Game - Puzzles Guide - Basics


Newly added, the Puzzles mode of Eternal is a great way to learn mechanics, maybe adapt some of the strategies you see, and earn some coins. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete each of the challenges in the "Basic" subset of the Puzzles mode. Along with the bullet points is an in-depth explanation for why the solutions work the way they do. It's recommended you read over those so you can better internalize the lessons the game wants you to learn.

You can find the guides for all the other puzzles in Eternal here.


  • Cast Elder's Feather on Hooru Stranger.
  • Cast Violent Gust on Towertop Patrol.
  • Attack with Eager Owlet and Hooru Stranger.

Flying creatures can only be blocked by other flying creatures. They can be a true menace to players who don't have removal or Flying creatures of their own to deal with your deadly sky warriors. At first, Eager Owlet is just a meager 0/3 flyer. He can take a hit but he can't dish it out. If you have another flying creature, however, he'll get the confidence he needs to start pecking out eyeballs. We give Hooru Stranger Flying because it also comes with a strength buff, and this is needed to have enough damage to win the round. It's also important to burn the Towertop Patrol because even though Eager Owlet now has a flying buddy, one of them is going to get stopped by the air-police.


  • Cast Xenan Initiation on Cabal Rogue.
  • Click Cabal Rogue and select the Killer ability and target Copperhall Elite.
  • Attack with Ancient Terrazon.

Killer turns your creature into what amounts to a gun. By Exhausting your creature with Killer, that unit can force another unit to fight it. Copperhall Elite has Aegis, so Teleport would fizzle out against him. Though Aegis blocks effects, the Killer ability isn't affecting Copperhall Elite, it's affecting Cabal Rogue. The damage goes through, killing both units, but that's fine because your 8/8 is just enough to win the game.


  • Cast Finest Hour on Ridgeline Watcher.
  • Cast Permafrost on Ridgeline Watcher.
  • Attack with both of your units.

Aegis gives a unit or player protection from one spell or effect, but only one. Once Aegis has been used to block something, it fizzles out. Even though Finest Hour is a spell you'd often reserve for your own units, there's nothing stopping it from targeting your opponent's units. Good or bad, the Aegis eats that spell and fizzles out. That leaves the Watcher open for the Permafrost effect, moving it out of your way for a full force assault.


  • Cast Hellhound.
  • Click Ijin and select Ability and target Hellhound.
  • Attack with Hellhound.

Activate abilities are those you manually put into effect, rather than have them automatically trigger. We use the Hellhound because it has Charge, letting it attack on the turn it is summoned.


  • Cast Diplomatic Seal and choose Primal.
  • Cast Skycrag Stranger and Praxis Stranger (order doesn't matter).
  • Attack with all available units.

This one can be tricky. Influence is represented by the power symbols next to your overall power (X/X). The numbers below each symbol indicate the influence of each power type. For example in this puzzle, you start with 1 influence in red and 1 influence in black.

The power symbols on Champion of Chaos and Champion of Fury do not mean you have to pay that much power to activate those buffs (which would be the case in Magic the Gathering). Instead, when your influence is equal to or greater than those listed amounts, the unit gets the corresponding buffs.
In order to get the most buffs out of our units, we need at least 3 red influence and at least 2 blue influence. The only way to get that is by selecting Primal with Diplomatic Seal and then playing Skycrag and Praxis Strangers. Your Forsworn Stranger also gets a boost by having the different kinds of influence on the field.


  • Cast Polymorph on either Crowd Favorite or Cloudsnake Harrier.
  • Cast Piercing Shot on Frog.
  • Attack with both Skycrag Strangers.

Polymorph changes one of the units into an unthreatening 1/1 Frog. However, that Frog can still block, so it's still useful to the opponent. Now that it's a 1/1 it can be killed by your 2 damage spell. That extra 2 damage that is dealt to the opponent means only one of your Strangers has to get through, and with the Frog gone that's exactly what will happen.


  • Attack with all your units.
  • Cast Viper's Bite on Dusthoof Brawler.

A creature with Deadly kills any creature they deal damage to, no matter how much damage it was. When it's coupled with Overwhelm is what's interesting. When Dusthoof Brawler has Deadly and is blocked, he first deals 1 damage to the blocker, killing it. Then, the remaining 4 damage he has is dealt to the enemy player, thanks to Overwhelm. Note: You can do the steps in either order, it works out the same, but it's good practice to attack first, to get in the habit of catching your foes off guard with a Fast Spell.


  • Cast Torch on the enemy player.
  • Cast Ruin on Xenan Obelisk (the glowing symbol on the enemy player's portrait).
  • Block Bold Adventurer with Argenport Instigator
  • Attack with Argenport Instigator.

Relics are enchantments for the player. They can either be just a relic or a weapon. In this puzzle, the enemy has both. Relic Weapons have health, just like any other unit, so we can get rid of that with our burn spell Torch. That removes the enemy's ability to directly attack our Instigator. Then we use Ruin to directly target their other relic, the Xenan Obelisk. With that gone, the enemy's units can now be blocked safely.

We block the Bold Adventurer because the Wisp is a 0/1, he can't do anything. When the Adventurer dies, our Instigator causes it to deal 1 damage to the enemy, bringing them down to 3 health, which is perfect because our Instigator has 3 strength and no blockers to stop it.

Double Damage

  • Cast Twinbarrel on Tinkering Grenadin.
  • Attack with all units.
  • After combat damage is dealt, cast Annihilate on Tinkering Grenadin.

Double Damage is a lot like MtG's Doublestrike, but with one key difference. Whereas Doublestrike only affects combat damage, Double Damage affects all kinds of damage the unit would deal. By giving the Grenadin Double Damage, it will now deal 2 to the opponent when it attacks. We attack with our other unit as well to trick the opponent into blocking it over the Grenadin, because it has more strength than the Grenadin.

As soon as the damage is dealt, we kill our Grenadin. Why? When it dies, it deals 3 damage to an opponent. However, because it has Double Damage, it now deals 6 damage, thereby killing our opponent.


  • Cast Shield Bash on an enemy unit.
  • Cast Magma Javelin.
  • Click your player portrait and target the un-stunned enemy unit.
  • Attack with Blazing Renegade.

Armor acts much like health, although it's not increased by effects like Lifegain. Your opponent here has only 1 health, but also has 1 armor, effectively giving them 2 health. Casting Shield Bash gives us 2 armor. When we cast Magma Javelin, we also get 1 armor. By using our Relic Weapon to kill the un-stunned enemy, we have a free shot to attack with our Renegade, who will eat through both the enemy's armor and their health.


  • Cast Karmic Guardian.
  • Cast Sparring Partner.
  • Target Karmic Guardian to become a Student.
  • End turn.
  • Block two units with your two units.
  • Cast Alchemical Blast.
  • Attack with Karmic Guardian.

Endurance removes Exhaustion from your unit at the start of each turn. This means they can attack on your turn and still be free to block on the next. It also means that they are readied if Exhausted by an ability, like Mentor. When you cast Mentor on a unit, that unit becomes Exhausted, so it can't block next turn. Since Karmic Guardian has Endurance, she readies up on the enemy's turn, ready to block.

With Karmic Guardian's Lifesteal, she earns you 2 health back for the 2 damage she deals. This is just enough bonus life to keep you at 1 health at the end of the enemy assault. Casting Alchemical Blast against the opponent brings them down from 3 to 1 health, so now our Guardian is able to kill them during their attack.


  • Cast Desert Marshal.
  • Silence Direwood Beastcaller.
  • Cast Dune Phantom.
  • Block Back-Alley Bouncer with Dune Phantom.
  • Attack with Desert Marshal.

Ambush allows you to play units on your enemy's turn. We Silence Direwood Beastcaller because even though it would only do 1 damage to us, it then summons two 5/5 units, which will be free to block us on our next turn. Dune Phantom comes into block the Bouncer because if that guy gets through, you lose. We don't block with Desert Marshal because we need him next turn to attack and win the game.


  • Cast Silence on Auric Sentry.
  • Cast Daze on Auric Sentry.
  • Cast Desert Marshal.
  • Silence Loyal Watchwing.
  • Attack with all available units.

Silence is an immensely powerful effect that removes all text from a unit. That means abilities, activated or triggered, are gone. By silencing the Sentry, we remove his Endurance. Endurance makes him immune to Stun, and we need him stunned to win. With the Sentry quiet and stunned, now we cast Desert Marshal so he can silence Loyal Watchwing. The Watchwing is now grounded, so our 4/4 flyer will deal full damage. It can still block our other 4/4 on the ground, but it has Overwhelm, so 3 of that damage will go through and win the game.


  • Cast Amaran Camel.
  • Cast Find the Way (choose any sigil).
  • Cast Excavate.
  • Activate Blind Storyteller.
  • Discard any card.
  • Attack with Cult Aspirant.

A card with echo, when drawn, creates a duplicate in your hand. Cult Aspirant is our damage dealer, so we need to get her big and strong to win this. The only way to do that is to gain life, and the only way to gain life with by drawing cards with the Camel on the field. Find the Way lets us draw cards, even though we won't be using them, and puts our Aspirant at 2/2. With Excavate, we put Find the Way back on top of the library, as well as gain some health, and our Aspirant is now 3/3.

We know exactly which card is on top of our library when we activate the Blind Storyteller. Drawing Find the Way gives us yet another copy of it. What this means is we have essentially drawn two cards instead of 1, so our Aspirant goes from 3/3 to 5/5.


  • Cast Crownwatch Sentry.
  • Target Horned Vorlunk with Crownwatch Sentry's Summon effect.
  • Cast Unlock Potential.
  • Cast Teleport on Crownwatch Sentry.
  • Cast Crownwatch Sentry.
  • Target Horned Vorlunk with Crownwatch Sentry's Summon effect.
  • Attack with all available units.

A unit with Summon triggers an effect when it enters the battlefield. When Crownwatch enters the field, he gives +2/+2 to Vorlunk. After we cast Unlock Potential, the Crownwatch is now a 3/3, and will always be a 3/3, even if he leaves play. With Teleport, we return him to our hand, only to play him again. His Summon effect triggers again, and we give Vorlunk +3/+3 now. With its now 9 strength, the Vorlunk destroys the pitiful 1/1 blocker, and Overwhelm delivers the remaining 8 damage to the enemy player, winning you the game.