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Eternal Card Game – Puzzles Guide – Aegis

Dealing with Aegis is tough, and sometimes you gotta use a spell to make room for another. Aegis can also keep your units alive longer. Learn how to master Aegis with this guide to the Aegis puzzles in Eternal!

Eternal Card Game - Puzzles Guide - Aegis


Similar to Hexproof in Magic the Gathering, Aegis is an ability that protects a player or unit from enemy spells and effects. However, unlike Hexproof, Aegis is not permanent, and like Killer will go away after one use. This makes it far less powerful than Hexproof, but still very useful. Unlike other abilities, Aegis doesn't pair with other abilities for added effects, but it's still nice to have.

This guide will detail how to solve the puzzles in the Aegis subset in Eternal. Along with the bullet points are detailed descriptions to explain how each the solutions work.

You can find the guides for all the other puzzles in Eternal here.


  • Attack with all units.
  • After the opponent plays Lightning Strike, cast Safe Return on Shelterwing Rider.
  • Cast Shelterwing Rider.
  • End your turn.
  • Attack with all units.

What may trip players up is that unlike all puzzles before this one, it takes two of your turns to win. Because of Impending Doom's ability, you only have those two turns before they take you out themselves. Shelterwing gets a huge boost thanks to Aegis, but the opponent will take that away if the Lightning Strike is allowed to go through. By bouncing the Rider back to our hand, it keeps the Aegis because Safe Return resolves before Lightning Strike, which now has nothing to target and thus fizzles out. The +1 to Rider's strength also allows us to do enough damage on the next turn.

More than anything about Aegis, what's being taught here is how spells resolve themselves. The last spell played is the first one that takes effect, with the rest following in reverse order like that. So just because Strike got played first, our Safe Return spell yanks Rider out of the line of fire just in time. Being mindful of this is critical to using your Fast Spells effectivley.


  • Attack with Bartholo, the Seducer.
  • Cast Leave a Witness, Mentoring Icaria, the Liberator.
  • End your turn.
  • Cast Blazing Renegade.
  • Attack with all units.
  • Cast Jawbone Hatchet.
  • Attack opponent with Relic Weapon.

A tough situation to be in, certainly. The key thing to notice is that all of the enemy units have Unblockable, and you have 1 health, so if even one of them survives your turn, you're dead. Clearly your units can't do the killing, so that leaves one option: a board wipe (i.e. Leave a Witness). We attack first with Bartholo because he can't be blocked, so there's no reason not to attack with him as much as possible. Now we have to choose who will live through Leave a Witness.

We have two units with 5 strength, but only one of them is viable. After Venomspine Hydra dies, all your units will die (overkill much?). Those with Aegis though will be able to counter that effect. Shelterwing Rider does have 5 strength, just like Icaria, but its strength is dependent on it having Aegis, which it won't after Venomspine Hydra uses its Entomb Effect. So Icaria is going to be the witness.

On our next turn, we can play both the Renegade and the Hatchet, but we're going to save the Hatchet until after the attack. The Hatchet gets +2/+2 if we've dealt damage to the player this turn, and we need that extra bit of damage to kill our opponent.


  • Cast Protect on Fencing Master.
  • Cast Protect on yourself.
  • Cast Protect on Shelterwing Rider after it loses Aegis.
  • Use Eye of Winter to Stun Spirit of the Resistance.
  • Attack with all units.

Ho boy, here comes trouble. You're about to lose everything, but you have enough cards to save three creatures (other than Shelterwing). But guess what, you're not going to do that. Instead, you're going to save just one (other than Shelterwing). It's a tough decision, and the natural instinct is to save the strongest creatures, but we need to think ahead. It's easy to miss, but we have Eye of Winter equipped to the player. That'll let us stun the Spirit next turn and make him a non-issue concerning blocking.

However, Relic of Winter is a unit, and will be destroyed with Spirit's summon effect, so we need Aegis on ourselves to keep that from happening. The second Protect is going onto Fencing Master, because it becomes a 5/5 when we stun someone (and we will). That plus Shelterwing, and we got the 10 damage we need. But oh no! Shelterwing lost Aegis, and with it its 5 strength! Good thing we saved a Protect to give it Aegis again, right?


  • Cast Ticking Grenadin.
  • Attack with all available units.
  • Cast Protect on Ticking Grenadin.
  • Cast Harsh Rule.

There are several ways to make this work, but the enemy's unit stops all but one of them thanks to its ability to Silence all units that enter the Void. This is a problem because Grenadin's Entomb effect is what we need to finish off the opponent. Thanks to an Aegis cast on him from Protect, the Grenadin's 3 damage will launch at the opponent unimpeded.

Patch 1.28: Changes made to the game render the above solution unworkable. Here is the bullet point list for a new solution. Thanks to user Ethorin for the heads up!

  • Attack with all units.
  • Cast Protect on yourself.
  • Cast Harsh Rule.
  • Cast Dark Return, return Outlaw's Sniper.
  • Cast Outlaw's Sniper.


  • Cast Eilyn's Favor.
  • Exhaust Stormcaller to deal 1 damage to enemy player.
  • Cast Lightning Storm.
  • Cast Champion of Fury.
  • Attack with all units.
  • Cast Protect on Champion of Fury.

Casting order is very important here because of a key word in Aegis's description: it gives protection from enemy spells and effects. Because of this, even if we put out Protect on Champion of Fury, if we cast Lightning Strike after that, he will be affected. We use Stormcaller to deal 1 damage before all that because she's not long for this world.

What may have stumped you is an assumption that after each Grenadin dies, each of their Entomb effects would take away an Aegis shield. So after you block one of them, your shield is gone and now another one is free to hit you. Honestly, that's how it should work, that's how the wording makes it sound, but it's not. Since the Grenadin's all died at once, all of their Entomb damage hit you at the same time and were all canceled by the Aegis you put on yourself. That's my best guess.

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Diamond has changed again (client 1.49) with the 3/3 being changed to a 1/1 with Aegis. Now you need to do the following:
– Protect on yourself
– A+Space (attack all)
– Cast Dark return and bring back the Sniper then use ability to kill maiden
– Cast Harsh Rule and win


Thank you for this, been using the puzzles to learn and I was stuck here! 😀


Diamond version 1.28 doesn’t work anymore either.


I really appreciate these guides, but your explanation of why the Bronze solution works is incorrect. You can actually allow Lightning Strike to complete and the strategy will still work, because putting the card back in your hand “resets” Aegis. It has nothing to do with the order in which the spells are resolved.


note: post patch 1.28 the text change on Statuary maiden seems to deny the Aegis on the Grenadin, the described solution for Diamond does not work.


Thank you, however, now it seems that solution is also invalid. Client 1.37 the 2/4 deadly Statuary Maiden blocks the 3/3 and stays alive to prevent the Harsh from making Outlands Sniper available to return. I am trying to figure out another process, but thought I might provide this feedback.


All in the timing…I was casting the Aegis too soon. The steps are just fine, I am just a newbie still trying to understand the finer points of timing. Thanks for the solution update!

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