Eternal Card Game – Puzzles Guide – Changing Zones

Focusing on the field is too limiting. Master all the zones of play with our guide on the Changing Zones puzzles of Eternal! Get succinct steps on how to solve the puzzles, along with detailed insight for each solution.

Eternal Card Game - Puzzles Guide - Changing Zones


In Eternal there are four zones: the hand, the deck, the Void, and the field (or just "play"). If you can keep your units and spells moving through these zones, you can really trip up your opponent. Unit went into the Void? That's fine, we'll bring it back. Card went back into the deck? We'll boost it from here, so when we draw it it's even better! You won't always need to have manipulations for all four zones in any given deck, but if you're only focusing on putting things from your hand into play, you're severely limiting yourself.

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  • Cast Predator's Instinct on Pyre Phoenix.
  • Use Pyre Phoenix's Killer ability to kill either of the two enemy units.
  • Cast Pyre Phoenix.
  • Use Pyre Phoenix's Killer ability to kill the enemy unit.
  • Attack with Sandglass Sentinel.

As you learned back in the Killer puzzles, Killer is an ability that gets used once and then that's it. However, that's not the whole truth. True, a unit can't use Killer more than once, but specifically it can't use it more than once per visit to the battlefield. See when you give a unit Killer, it always has Killer. After it uses the ability, the trait is grayed out, but it's still on there. If the unit leaves the battlefield, it essentially reloads that ability, giving it another shot.

Pyre Phoenix is getting Killer one because it's the only one strong enough to kill something, and two because it can leave and return to the battlefield easily (at an increased cost). The Phoenix doesn't have Quickdraw, so it will die when it uses Killer against those enemies. Once it does, it pops out of the Void and into our hand, ready to be played again.


  • Attack with Yeti Snowslinger.
  • Cast Obrak, the Feaster.
  • End your turn.
  • Sacrifice Yeti Snowslinger.
  • Cast Snowball on Humbug.
  • Cast Haunting Scream, returning Yeti Snowslinger to play.
  • Attack with both units.
  • Cast Snowball on the enemy player.

Just like Killer, Infiltrate gets one charge per visit to the battlefield, recharging once it leaves. The Snowball the Yeti gives us from Infiltrate isn't much, but without them we won't be able to win. Obrak will sacrifice the Yeti, but we want that fuzzball in the Void so Haunting Scream can bring him back, and with Charge. Without the Charge, he can't attack this turn, and if he can't attack, Infiltrate won't give us the second Snowball.

The first Snowball is of course used against Humbug, because despite being small, it can take the full hit of Obrak's 7 damage, none of it even touching the enemy player. There's something so satisfying about winning by pelting your opponent in the face with a Snowball.


  • Cast Pyroknight.
  • Use Pyroknight's Ultimate ability.
  • Cast Combust, sacrificing Pyroknight and killing Copperhall Shieldman.
  • Cast Shadowlands Guide, returning Pyroknight to play.
  • Use Pyroknight's Ultimate ability.
  • Cast Jack's Knife on Pyroknight.
  • Attack with all available units.

Are you seeing a trend here? Abilities that have one charge get recharged when they leave the battlefield; this time, the ability in question is Ultimate. By using Pyroknight's Ultimate ability and then sacrificing her, we can bring her back with the Shadowlands Guide and use her Ultimate again, giving her a massive boost in strength. Taking out the Copperhall Shieldman is an added bonus.

Jack's Knife is only played on the second time Pyroknight comes onto the field, though. When a unit dies with a weapon attached, both it and the weapon go into the Void. If the unit comes out of the Void, the weapon does not follow with it. Not wanting to leave that Knife in the graveyard, we give it to the Pyroknight when we're not planning to explode her.


  • Cast Shepherd's Horn.
  • Cast Cult Aspirant.
  • Cast Xenan Fanatic.
  • Cast Xenan Cultist.
  • Attack with all available units.
  • Cast Shadowlands Guide, returning Lurking Sanguar to the battlefield.
  • End your turn.

The winning card here is the Fanatic, who will be dealing 10 total damage when all is said and done. We play the Horn and Aspirant in order to gain 3 life, which will fuel the bomb the Fanatic is making. The Cultist is in play in order to give the Sanguar +2/+2 once it dies. Why do we want him stronger? Dawnwalker we get to re-enter the field if a creature with 5 or more strength enters, and with that boost from Cultist, Sanguar will lead the way.

But how do we get Sanguar back onto the field? The Guide will show him the way! The Guide only brings back 1 power creatures, and Sanguar is anything but. However, if two creatures or more deal damage to a player, and they have thanks to Overwhelm and the ignored 1/2, he's free. Although the const change is temporary, it's good enough for the Guide to bring him back. Dawnwalker triggers the Horn, earning us another 3 life and 3 damage to the Cultist. That, plus the 4 life we gained from Sanguar's Lifesteal, and we're sitting on 10 extra life. After ending the turn, the Cultist has finished his blood bomb and finishes off the enemy player.


  • Cast Inquisitor Makto.
  • Cast Combust, sacrificing Inquisitor Makto and killing the Fourth Tree Elder.
  • Cast Tinker (top or bottom, doesn't matter).
  • Cast Torch on Soulfire Drake.
  • Cast Rise to the Challenge, choosing Inquisitor Makto.
  • Attack with Inquisitor Makto.

The first time Makto arrives, he's there purely to die. We blow him up with Combust so we can get that owl out of our way. Thanks to Makto's Revenge ability, he doesn't stay in the Void for long, and pops back into the deck. Now the next time we draw him, he'll have Destiny, which will put him into play for free. Before he comes back out, he needs to undergo a bit of a makeover.

Tinker is played purely to give the top unit of our deck +2/+2. The top unit just happens to be Makto, so that's lucky (not really). Next we have to kill our Drake. Now you are free to attack with the Drake now, because there are no blockers, but you don't have to. The Drake has to die so that his Entomb effect can give Makto Charge. It's supposed to be a random choice between Charge and Flying, but since Makto can't have Double Flying, he automatically gets Charge.

Now Makto is ready for his big debut. Rise to the Challenge fetches him from our deck and into our hand. Thanks to Makto's Destiny, however, he goes right into play, ready to deal more than enough damage to the enemy player.