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5 Reasons to Play Diablo IV’s Server Slam

These five reasons are here to convince players why you should play this Server Slam event for Diablo IV even if you've participated the previous betas. Diablo IV is going to be playable again and it's only one month away from being fully released. The early and open beta was fun, and the fun will only continue.

Five Reasons to Play Diablo IV's Server Slam

Diablo IV is going to be playable again this week. The game will be officially released in one more month, and it will certainly be an anticipated titles among action role playing fanatics. June 6 will be the date when Diablo IV is finally released for gamers to dive into its world. This Server Slam event is another public playing session for fans to play the game again.

Diablo IV did have both an early access and open beta for gamers to play in the past. According to the developers, its beta has accumulated nearly 62 million hours of play time. The Server Slam will happen on May 12th and it ends on the 14th.

These five reasons will be the primary factors of why you should give this Server Slam event a shot even if you’ve participated the previous Diablo IV’s public playing sessions. The Server Slam won’t be anything too different from the previous betas.

The content will be very similar as you are only given access to the Prologue and first act of the entire game. However, there’s a lot to do in a Diablo title, and this is possibly the last chance you can play Diablo IV before the full version is released.

Diablo IV | Welcome to the Server Slam

Hardcore Mode

If you didn’t spend the time to try out the game in hardcore which is basically the game’s permadeath mode, you definitely should this time. It makes sense to start off playing the standard or softcore mode to get an idea of what this game is like mechanically. With this time around, you should be able to understand how to play the game better. Hardcore mode in Diablo games has always been a different experience because of that permadeath environment. It makes you play the game more cautiously and it makes you approach your build differently too. This will certainly make the playing experience feel fresh compared to playing softcore if you didn’t bother trying the hardcore mode. This mode might not fit for everyone’s taste, but it is something that’s worth trying out to see if you would ever want to make the full transition into hardcore mode when the full game is released.

Legendary Drop Rates

Just in case you aren’t aware, Diablo IV did have increased Legendary drop rates in its previous beta. Basically, it was there to let the players get an idea of what a Legendary item would be like. Now this time, the Server Slam promises the drop rate would be similar to the full release of the game. It’ll be interesting to see how hard it is to obtain a legendary item this time around, and it’ll give gamers a good idea of how rare the Legendary items actually are. Legendary items are certainly going to be useful in Diablo IV, but for this time around, we might not be able to find them as much.

Balancing Changes

The game will also be rebalanced from what was presented originally in the first two betas. There are a decent amount of changes that will happen. Some key features include a passive 10% damage reduction for Barbarians and a reworking on the endgame dungeon’s mechanics where the last remaining monsters will charge towards the player rather than forcing the player to search. Time will tell whether these changes felt like a reasonable approach to improve the gameplay experience of Diablo IV.

Barbarians might be more enjoyable to play when starting from fresh this time around.

Barbarians might be more enjoyable to play when starting from fresh this time around.

Trying Out Other Classes & Builds

There might’ve been players that didn’t bother trying out other classes. I will admit, I mostly spent my time with the Sorcerer and Barbarian, so I didn’t bother trying out the remaining three classes. I’m still debating whether I want to try out the Rogue, but the point is, if you were like me, this is also another incentive to participate this Server Slam. Action role playing games have always had multiple classes that players can choose from, and they will certainly be different from one another. If you don’t choose to try out different classes, you can try out different builds of the same class. For this time around, I want to to focus on making a Sorcerer that is more range-oriented rather than melee-centric build like I did before.

Satisfying Gameplay 

Ever since the early access beta was released, Diablo IV certainly nails down on having fun and fast-paced combat. It does feel great to go through the dungeons, and slay hordes of mobs with decked out gear and seeing cool looking abilities in action. Whether you’re into caster or melee oriented classes, it feels great to kill demons in Diablo IV, and the action definitely lives up to its previous titles. This Server Slam will probably be the last time we get to see Diablo IV’s combat loop in action until June 6 arrives. Before the full game is launched, it’s best to just to take one more trip and enjoy the demon slaying and hoping to find the best loot until the morning light comes out.

Those are my five reasons to participate Diablo IV’s Server Slam even if you’ve already played the previous betas. The Server Slam is going to be a lot of fun to experience on the weekend. Hopefully, we don’t stay up too late and ruin our sleep schedule.

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