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Dates for Diablo IV Open Beta and Early Access Announced

Diablo IV Open Beta and Early Access starts on March 17-19 for those who pre-ordered the game. Everybody else can explore the world from March 24-26. Blizzard Entertainment informed about the event on their homepage, revealing that players can enjoy the Prologue and the First Act when exploring the Fractured Peaks.

Dates for Diablo IV Open Beta and Early Access Announced

Fans of the upcoming Diablo IV will have two weekends to try the game before the launch. Those who have pre-ordered the title can dive deep into the Open Beta and Early Access from March 17-19. On the weekend of March 24-26, everybody interested in the experience can explore the Open Beta and get a taste of another installment in the franchise, giving us something as awesome as Diablo 2. The event will be available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

Blizzard Entertainment announced the Diablo IV Open Beta and Early Access on February 18 on their website. They also informed about what players can actually do in the game at this stage; in other words, they specified that you could immerse yourself in the Prologue and the First Act. Of course, they did not forget to warn that gamers can encounter performance issues when roaming through the initial zone of Fractured Peaks.

Besides the post, the devs published an In-Game Intro Cinematic.

Diablo IV | In-Game Intro Cinematic

The maximum level is twenty-five, but Blizzard stresses that you can fight Lilith’s legions even after reaching the cap. After Diablo IV Open Beta and Early Access concludes, the devs claim to go through the feedback and think of some changes to apply. 

If you pre-ordered the game, you should have access to the event on the platform you bought it on. In case you have not bought the title, you can still do it and acquire a code to the Open Beta and Early Access. To participate, you need a Battle.net account.

For further information on downloading the Beta, check the developers’ site.

SOURCE: Post on Blizzard’s Homepage

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