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10 Games Releasing In June To Look Out For

Here is a selection of ten games releasing in June 2023 that we think you should be looking out for. This selection contains highly anticipated releases, sequels, and some spooky titles. From fighting on the streets of Metro city, banding together to face the depths of hell itself, and witnessing magnificent kaiju level battles in a highly anticipated franchise. June appears a big month packed with hours of entertainment. Here is what's on offer in June.

10 Games Releasing In June To Look Out For

It’s that time again when we leave behind another month of game releases in favour of new and exciting entries in our backlogs. June is upon us and from the looks of things, an exciting roster of heavy hitters is on its way. Last month gave us the smash hit The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, proving that Breath of the Wild wasn’t a mistake in game direction. However, with the highs of May, we also received some disappointments with the releases of Redfall and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Now that we are entering June, containing exciting sequels, numerous trips into horror and some games to spend hours and hours on. Hopefully, we’ll receive a better crop of gaming experiences. Let’s not delay any further, here are the ten gaming recommendations for the month of June.


Starting the month is the nostalgic survival horror puzzle game, Homebody. A group of college friends are haunted by memories of the past and hunted by a relentless killer. Try to find a way out of the nightmare on June 1st for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Homebody is a nostalgic survival horror puzzle game where you catch up with old friends and try not to get murdered.

Homebody is a nostalgic survival horror puzzle game where you catch up with old friends and try not to get murdered.

Inspired by retro horror games and classic 80s slasher films, Homebody sets the scene for a thrilling evening. Play as Emily who along with her college buddies, have gathered for the annual viewing of the Perseid meteor shower. But with relationships strained and anxieties high, what should be a relaxing weekend quickly goes awry, turning even darker as a mysterious killer picks them off.

Evade the killer, solve the house’s devious puzzles, and reconnect with your friends. Escaping the house may seem impossible at first, but with each attempt to put the pieces together, the bloodstained picture becomes more and more clear. Learn more about Emily’s relationships with choice-driven dialogue. Stealthily explore the house, moving quietly and hiding in closets to evade the killer’s responsive AI. Death may be inevitable, but knowledge never dies. Use an in-game journal to track the clues and puzzle solutions, piecing together this mysterious event.

Homebody - Exclusive Official Trailer | IGN Fan Fest 2023

Killer Frequency

Continuing the theme of horror with a pinch of comedy is Killer Frequency. The first-person horror adventure puts you in the shoes of a late-night radio host whose callers are being stalked by a mysterious killer. Attempt at saving lives while running the switchboards on June 1st for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Become a radio DJ in this 80s slasher-shredded adventure that's certainly not child's play.

Become a radio DJ in this 80s slasher-shredded adventure that’s certainly not child’s play.

In the mid-west town of Gallows Creek, a set of sinister events are about to occur. Forrest Nash, a late-night broadcaster at KFAM radio, receives calls from listeners with horrifying discoveries. The listeners report on the infamous Whispering Man, a serial killer that’s come out of hiding to stalk the streets of Gallows Creek. Help the callers escape their encounters with the killer and stop their criminal activities. 

Killer Frequency uses branching dialogues to interact with the different personalities of the town. Enjoy a fully voiced cast of characters while tuning into music inspired by the 80s, from classic rock-inspired tracks to righteous synth-wave tunes. Explore your surroundings to find clues, solve riddles, and make real-time decisions affecting the story. Navigate through an authentically detailed radio station and interact with dozens of physics-based objects straight from a bygone era, including a working cassette and record player. 

Killer Frequency - Official Console and Release Date Announcement Trailer

Street Fighter 6

Next up is Street Fighter 6, Capcom’s next exciting entry into the beloved fighting game series. The newest evolution of the Street Fighter series returns with fan-favourite characters alongside new contenders. Pick your fighter on June 2nd for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Play legendary masters and new fan favourites like Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, Kimberly and more

Play legendary masters and new fan favourites like Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, Kimberly and more

In Street Fighter 6, players can take control of a diverse roster containing 18 fighters. Each character new and old features striking new redesigns and exhilarating cinematic specials. Powered by Capcom’s RE ENGINE, Street Fighter 6 spans three distinct game modes featuring World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. Explore the streets of Metro City to discover the meaning of strength in World Tour. In this new immersive single-player mode, customise your own fighter and learn fighting techniques from Street Fighter Legends. 

Dominate in the fighting ground with the highly evolved combat system. Using three control types – Classic, Modern, and Dynamic – allowing players to pick their preferred playstyle. The new Real Time Commentary Feature adds all the hype of a competitive match alongside easy-to-understand explanations about your gameplay. Finally, in the Battle Hub players can use their created characters from World Tour and play against other players. Alongside this, players can head over to the Game Center to enjoy some of Capcom’s classic arcade games. 

Street Fighter 6 Your Story Official Trailer

Diablo IV

Our next pick comes straight from hell with Blizzard’s legendary action RPG Diablo IV. This spectacular evolution introduces a vast new world to explore, filled with the promise of never-ending adventure, deadly demons and legendary loot. Take on the hordes of hell on June 6th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

All hell breaks loose in this dark, expansive, open-world action RPG.

All hell breaks loose in this dark, expansive, open-world action RPG.

Discover the corrupted land of Sanctuary as it falls into a new era of darkness. Lilith has been freed from exile and now her hateful influence threatens to consume the world. Only you and your fellow adventurers stand between Lilith and Sanctuary’s ruin. Create a character from the five classes available and then personalise your hero with different cosmetics, talents and abilities. Strengthen them by choosing your skill tree paths, then craft your own powerful end-game specialisations with Paragon Boards. Explore Sanctuary solo or with friends as your progress through Diablo IV’s engrossing campaign. Take on quests, liberate towns and battle epic bosses as an unstoppable team. 

Whether playing solo or with fellow adventurers, each of Sanctuary’s zones offers besieged towns to reclaim, non-linear quests to tackle, demon-filled dungeons to survive and precious loot to claim. The world will continue to grow, with the promise of new events, stories, seasons, rewards and more. Diablo IV‘s endgame lets players meet in the game’s shared world to trade, team up, and test their might in PvP zones. Cross-play, cross-progression and couch co-op are available in Diablo IV, allowing players to continue the adventure whenever, wherever. 

Diablo IV | Story Launch Trailer

Mask Of The Rose

Next, we have a visual novel that takes place in the world of Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies. A marvellous romance with a hint of murder is within Mask of The Rose. Lose your heart to a stolen city in this game of amorous intrigue. Help a murdered man find justice alongside finding true love for yourself and your friends. Mask of The Rose releases on June 8th for PC. 

Fall in love with a cast of diverse Londoners, each with their own secrets and desires.

Fall in love with a cast of diverse Londoners, each with their own secrets and desires.

Will you be a brilliant matchmaker, connecting friends and rivals while remaining unattached? Or are you looking for lasting love? Perhaps you’re open to whatever comes your way? Every major storyline is accessible regardless of whether your approach to love is romantic or platonic. Explore this unique city in glorious, richly rendered 2D. Experience London through three seasons: the season of Confessions, the season of Yule, and the season of Love. Help establish the first Feast of the Rose, a festival of romance that will be celebrated in London for decades to come.

For players of Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies, Mask of the Rose offers a chance to immerse yourselves in the city that founded this deep, dark, and marvellous universe. For veteran players of the Fallen London browser game, it marks your first opportunity to visit the city just after it fell. Mask of the Rose is a self-contained, compact experience and an excellent introduction to the universe the developers have built for more than a decade. Explore the locales, lives, and loves of an impossible city. Investigate the first murder where the victim can testify at the murderer’s trial. And if you’re truly reckless, fall in love.

Mask of the Rose: Gameplay Trailer

Greyhill Incident

Next up is a game that takes players into a classic Alien invasion horror similar to films like Signs and Nope. Greyhill Incident is a story-driven first-person survival horror that takes place in the early 90s. The story takes you across the atmospheric neighbourhood of Greyhill which is invaded by UFOs & Grey Aliens. Tackle the space invaders on June 9th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Experience a classic alien invasion story, will you survive?

Experience a classic alien invasion story, will you survive?

The recent increase in paranormal activities over the last few days has convinced the scared and now paranoid residents of Greyhill, that the Government are somehow involved. The small neighbourhood of Greyhill is afraid to speak up and fearing being sent to the psychiatric ward, they avoid calling the police. Alone, they prepare by boarding up their windows and founding a neighbourhood watch. 

Play as local everyman Ryan Baker, equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver. His goal is to get across the atmospheric neighbourhood of Greyhill to save a neighbour who is in serious trouble. Investigate the invaded neighbourhood whilst uncovering the alien conspiracy. Sneak through Greyhill by finding useful items, solving puzzles, and meeting your neighbours as you fight to survive the invasion.

Greyhill Incident - Alien Day Trailer | PS5 Games

Park Beyond

Looking for a game to get your creative juices flowing? Then Park Beyond, the newest form of theme park building and management sim could be what you need. Learn from the colourful cast of roller coaster pioneers and build the park of your dreams. Come up with fantastic creations on June 15th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity!

Create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity!

Manage your park to financial success in the story-driven Campaign mode. Thanks to eight exciting missions, newcomers to the genre can learn the basics of theme park building and management. Veterans can enjoy the quirky adventure of Phil and his team while being challenged by the ice-cold businessman Hemlock. Thanks to the advanced roller coaster editor and the impossible modules, create the roller coaster of your dreams, whether realistic or completely crazy. Use modular buildings and scenery objects to customise any facility or even make it from scratch to match your vision.

After learning the basics, try out Sandbox mode for some extra freedom with infinite money and unlimited possibilities. Create your own management challenge, and build the park of your dreams in one of the 13 additional maps. Share your creations with everyone in the community or download and play other people’s work. It’s not just the rides you can customise, go a step further and impossify shops and staff to make your park an incredibly special experience: From getting your sandwich from a giant kebab cut with samurai swords or watching janitors empty bins with a flamethrower. The possibilities are endless with the next generation of roller coaster crafting. 

Park Beyond - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games

Crash Team Rumble

Our next pick is for game night with friends and family with everyone’s favourite bandicoot. In Crash Team Rumble, play as heroes and villains from the Crash universe in wild 4v4 online multiplayer carnage. Select your character and get ready to rumble on June 20th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Join the battle for Wumpa fruit-capturing supremacy!

Join the battle for Wumpa fruit-capturing supremacy!

From the devious minds who gave us Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Toys for Bob are back with a new multiplayer experience set in the world of Crash Bandicoot. Play as fan favourites Crash, Coco, Dr Neo Cortex, and Dingodile and form the ultimate wumpa fruit gathering team. Enter numerous arenas where you and your teammates will compete against rivals to bank the most wumpa fruit in your drop-off zone. Prepare to slide, smash, bump and bash your way to victory, in a game that combines approachable pick-up and play controls with deeper strategic elements that reward skilful play.

With each playable character available comes unique and distinct powers, learn their moves to determine your playstyle. Play on Iconic locations from the Crash universe, transformed into unpredictable arenas filled with Wumpa fruit-containing crates, hazards and game-changing special items, including Uka Uka. Crash Team Rumble allows for cross-platform play, allowing you and friends on other supported platforms to team up and throw down against all comers. 

Crash Team Rumble™ - Pre-Order Trailer

Aliens: Dark Decent

The next pick is a trip back into sci-fi horror but this more leaning towards strategy gameplay. Aliens: Dark Decent is the newest squad-based strategy game set in the world of Alien. Lead your soldiers in real-time to stop a new and terrifying kind of Xenomorph outbreak on June 20th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

You are the commander, they are your weapon. 

You are the commander, they are your weapon.

In Aliens: Dark Descent, command a squad of hardened Colonial Marines to stop a terrifying Xenomorph outbreak on Planet Lethe. Lead your soldiers in real-time combat against iconic Xenomorphs, rogue operatives from the insatiable Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and a host of horrifying creatures new to the Alien franchise.  Infiltrate large open levels and annihilate enemies with your squad. Lead strategically and change squad tactics from mission to mission. Carefully manage your soldiers’ health, resources, and sanity, to avoid permanent team losses and mental breakdowns. The enemies of Aliens: Dark Decent will adapt their tactics to your actions while hunting you down. Death is permanent so once you lose a squad member, they’re gone forever. 

Assemble and level up squads composed of five starting marines classes.  Customize your squad and specialize them with unique abilities and an arsenal of weapons, armour, and perks, for high-stakes missions in treacherous territory. Develop your base to research new tech and improve your squad even further. Manage your resources wisely and take calculated risks to outsmart the deadliest creature mankind has ever faced. Forge unique paths for survival, uncover shortcuts, create safe zones, and set up motion trackers in a persistent world where your actions impact levels forever. Can you and your squad stop the outbreak before it’s too late?

Aliens: Dark Descent - Exclusive Official Gameplay Release Date Trailer

Final Fantasy XVI

Finally, we have the next entry into the Final Fantasy series as our final pick for the month. The 16th standalone entry in the legendary Final Fantasy series marks a darker turn for the RPG franchise, with a complex tale of revenge, power struggles and unavoidable tragedy. Enter the dark fantasy world of Valisthea on June 22nd for the PlayStation 5. 

From blessed to blighted, experience a new tale that only Final Fantasy can provide. 

From blessed to blighted, experience a new tale that only Final Fantasy can provide.

Final Fantasy XVI reimagines the series’ iconic summons as Eikons. These deadly creatures are housed within Dominants, men and women who inherit their immense power at birth. Play as Clive Rosfield, First Shield of Rosaria and guardian of his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix, in this epic action RPG from a team of Final Fantasy veterans. Clive Rosfield can utilise the power of the game’s many Eikons to expand his arsenal of attacks, as he battles monsters, enemies and powerful Dominants.

The War of the Eikons commences! Witness Eikon against Eikon in monumental, visually spectacular clashes putting you at the heart of the battle. Experience Valisthea, a land where six powerful realms have emerged thanks to the power of the Mothercrystals. The aether provided by these towering mountains of crystal powers the magicks that have allowed these nations to thrive for many years but now a mysterious Blight threatens to disrupt their uneasy alliance. Discover this once-prosperous world in the grip of a Blight that threatens to destroy its dominions and with it the fragile peace that has long reigned between them.

Final Fantasy XVI - 'Salvation' Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Have any other games you’ve got your eye on during June? Let us know in the comments down below!

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