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Tell Me Why: Episode 1 Review — Skeletons in the Closet (PC)

DONTNOD are just like superheroes: they are always here to help the repressed. This time, they're focusing on a very sensitive subject - transgendered people. Even it is risky, somebody had to approach this theme at some point. Let us look to where t...

7 Good

Starport Delta Review: Strategically Sublime

Starport Delta is a RTS base-building sim set in deep space. If you have ever wanted to run your own space colony, this is your chance to make that dream a reality! Join us as we explore this unique title and put our resource management skills to the...

7.5 Good

SHEEPO Review: Adventure in Sheeper Space

Explore lovely, surrealistic worlds as you conserve the species by becoming the species! SHEEPO brings the flavor of metroidvania with an absurdist lens that attempts to appeal to those veteran and inexperienced. This review of SHEEPO will attempt to...

8 Great
Kinoko Review: Say Goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring.

Kinoko Review: Say Goodbye To Winter And Hello To Spring

For many out there, Spring is the best time of the year, but who brings in the blossom and the promise of new beginnings? That would be Kinoko. This ultra short game is already winning over the hearts of many players, but just how enjoyable is it? Le...

7 Good

Kill It With Fire Review: Spider Squashing Fun!

Arachnophobes beware; you’re in for a scare in Kill It With Fire! Exterminate waves of creepy crawly spiders with an arsenal of unconventional extermination equipment across eight levels and Arachno-Gauntlets. But is the game eight legs of fun or a t...

7.5 Good

Darkest Dungeon Review: Celebrating Four Years of Mental Torture (PC)

A game-changer when released, Darkest Dungeon took stategy roguelikes RPGs to a whole new level. With the release of Darkest Dungeon 2 right around the corner, this is the time to take a look at the OG version and start hardening your heart and your ...

8 Great
Paws and Soul Review: The Lone Wolf.

Paws and Soul Review: The Lone Wolf

Paws and Soul promised a story-rich, atmospheric adventure that focuses on the Buddhist belief surrounding rebirth and reincarnation, but does it deliver on that? Prepare to howl at the moon and delve into this review of the nature-filled indie, Paws...

5 Average

Love Spell: Written In The Stars Review — That’s A Lot Of Cheese!

Love, comedy, and cheese: a splendid combination for a debut work! From start-up developer Great Gretuski Studios, Love Spell: Written In The Stars provides heart-pounding drama behind every corner. But will the storytelling finesse fall victim to te...

6 Fair
Valorant Review: Riot Takes a Shot at First Person Shooters

Valorant Review: Riot Takes a Shot at First Person Shooters

Riot created Valorant to be the next big competitive first-person shooter. In our review, we discuss how Riot used hit games like CS:GO and Overwatch as inspiration to create a fun, competitive game that should last for years to come. While it has it...

8 Great
Carrion the reverse horror game review

Carrion Review: A Tasty But Non-Filling Experience (PC)

Carrion has some frustrating and tasteless flaws, but it is an enjoyable horror indie title. Go around in this reversed horror game where you are the alien and eat up all of those tasty humans. Our Carrion review will show why the initial bite is tas...

7 Good
Cloudpunk Review: A Delivery Job with a Twist.

Cloudpunk Review: A Delivery Job With a Twist

Cloudpunk has only been out for a few months but it's already proving to be a popular hit in the indie cyberpunk scene with its neon-blazed cityscape and flying cars of the future. Let's grab the wheel and hit that gas pedal as we drive straight into...

8 Great
Burn me Twice Review: A Magical Medieval Mystery.

Burn me Twice Review: A Magical Medieval Mystery

We’re off to the medieval town of Düstenburg in new magical mystery, Burn me Twice, to solve a plague and a murder, but not everything is as it seems and not everybody is who they say they are. We must help Abigail von Rattenhartz avoid the flames fo...

7 Good
The Infinite Abyss start screen

Infinite Abyss Review: Alone Against the Infinite Horde

Infinite Abyss is a 2D, side scrolling, adventure-strategy game developed and produced by Seven Arm Octopus. In which, you find yourself, a lone astronaut, stranded on a seemingly barren alien world, but you soon find out it isn't as barren as it see...

5 Average
Death and Taxes Review: A Grim Job for Anyone With a Conscience

Death and Taxes Review: A Grim Job for Anyone With a Conscience

If you thought that this was going to be a typical nine-to-five job, you’d be wrong. Death and Taxes brings us a fun simulation game where we play as a Grim Reaper, spending our days in an office and deciding from a list of candidates who should be s...

8 Great
Command and Conquer Remastered Review

Command and Conquer Remastered Review: Revive the Author of Strategy

It has been 25 years since the release of Command and Conquer, one of the most influential strategy series in gaming history. Today we look at an HD remaster of the two games that started it all for this franchise. The wait is finally over, Welcome B...

7.5 Good

Evan’s Remains Review: Codes and Heart (PC)

With a name such as Evan's Remains, the promise of harrowing tragedy behind exploratory curiosity is nearly guaranteed. Find out what awaits in this narrative-driven platformer about a girl with two names and a boy twisted by time with our Evan's Rem...

6.5 Fair
Emma holding one of your controllable orbs

Observation Review: Paranormal Intelligence (PC)

Suspend your disbelief in low gravity as you assume control of an AI program in charge of system administration and maintenance (S.A.M.) inside a space station. Help your crew survive and communicate after an unexplained problem wipes your memory cor...

7.5 Good
Huntdown: Money Rules the Streets

Huntdown Review: Money Rules the Streets (PC)

Prepare for a challenging, side-scrolling shooter that takes you through the bowels of a corrupt retro metro as you battle the dangerous gangs therein. Huntdown brings back the 80's in a gritty, hectic fight for bounties with brilliant 16-bit graphic...

9 Amazing

Dinner With An Owl Review: Exploring A Nightmare

Indie games leave their developers with a lot of avenues for realizing the vision they sought to realize. That leaves the door open for all kinds of weird and wacky creations. Amongst them is Dinner with an Owl. Created as part of a Game Jam in 2017,...

5 Average

Someday You’ll Return Review: Fathers and Sons

In the story-driven horror game Someday You'll Return, you'll try on the role of desperate father looking for his teenage daughter Stela in the macabre Moravian woods. So, cowboy up and be prepared to start down a hazardous journey into the darkness ...

9 Amazing

Before We Leave Review: The Casual City-Builder We Never Knew We Needed

Before We Leave is a light-hearted city management sim by Balancing Monkey Games. Explore beautiful islands, gather resources, and rebuild your population. Don't worry about impending doom of any sort, just relax and play at your own pace. In a world...

7 Good

Mizuchi Review: Love With a Question Mark

Love comes in all forms. With Mizuchi, the latest visual novel inspired by the Legend of the White Snake, that love doesn't feel quite as resolute. Through a commitment to exploring human behavior from an objective point, this oft-simplified feeling ...

7.5 Good
Mira Review: A Slavic Forest Adventure

Mira Review: A Slavic-themed Forest Fantasy

This game brings the player into an animated fairytale storybook. If ancient forests, mythical talking animals, and magic peak your interest, Mira's story may appeal to you. Mira is a Slavic fantasy point-and-click game that explores a mythical world...

7 Good
Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal Review: Harder, Better, Faster (PC)

Hell on Earth might be just another day in the life of the Doom Slayer but Doom Eternal isn't just another plain old, tired shooter. It's bigger, bolder and more unapologetic than its predecessor in the best possible sense, bringing a bunch of improv...

8.9 Great
Warlander Review: Path to Revenge

Warlander Review: Path To Revenge (PC)

Warlander is a roguelike action-adventure developed and published by Clock Drive Games. It has a unique game play, taking inspiration from a lot of popular games like God of War, Dark Souls and Jedi: Fallen Order. With a unique stamina based tactical...

5.5 Average

Half Past Fate Review: Half Past Okay (PC)

Indie games deserve love, too, and Half Past Fate aims to satisfy! Playing through three different scenarios of romantic intent, the player's job is to kindle the passion for six fate-bound individuals. But will it be able to sate one's desire for em...

6 Fair

Beautiful Desolation Review: Pain Of Immortality

Beautiful Desolation is a 2D isometric point and click adventure set in a post-apocalyptic future. Developed and published by The Brotherhood games, Beautiful Desolation provides a unique story and world design for the fans of the genre. Follow the a...

7 Good

Rhome Review: Primordial Horror Given Form

We review Rhome, a horror-thriller game which explores a chapter in the story of Hailey Rhome, an architect who arrives home from work one evening to find that there's something very wrong. Developed by students at SMU, it proves to be filled with cl...

7 Good

Up in the Air Review: Kids Are Monsters and Will Hunt You

Landing onto Steam with appropriate bounciness, Up in the Air is the latest from students enrolled at SMU Guildhall to showcase their development prowess. What's to discover here, with the idea that a balloon animal gets to ground pound demonic child...

6 Fair
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