Detailed Review for KF2

Killing Floor 2 is a sequel to one of the most popular co-op survival shooters.


In year 2005, the first Killing Floor wasn’t a standalone game, but a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Until 2009, Killing Floor grown big enough to become a game that was supported with custom content and DLC for years.

So the time came to finally make a worthy sequel. With a brand new engine and Motion Capture technology, Killing Floor 2 was born.

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“Early Access” may not sound good to most gamers, which could mean a blank, bugged game. But Killing Floor 2 made it perfectly well.

In fact, it’s polished so well you may think it’s a finished game, but there’s even more to come.

About the game as it is – it’s not just a run-and-gun zombie shooter, really. It’s based on strong teamwork and tactics. Tactics in Killing Floor are not “one picks melee, one picks ranged”, not at all. Every monster needs a special treatment. From a bullet to the head to punching his belly with a rifle stock. Bosses take a real beating, even after successfully standing against demons for 10 waves, your team may struggle with that big destroyer, whether it’s a crazed nazi scientist or a mace-handed psycho.

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Monsters are not even zombies, but a failed product (specimen) of a rich biotechnological corporation “Horzine”, nicknamed ZEDs.

“Horzine’s” intentions were to create supersoldiers and useful upgrades. Like invisibility… or a chainsaw instead of your right hand.

“Just like planned”, everything went terribly wrong. Instead of shutting down “Horzine”, a breakout happened. Europe got set into flames. And now only you and a couple of your good friends can hold out those ugly bubbleheads from advancing into the rest of the world.

Lore is strong with this one, but there is no story mode ingame, at least for now.

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The graphics are stunning, so are the sounds and animation. Sometimes after shooting a fellow in the head, so called “ZED time” starts, when everything slows down, and screen becomes black-and-white-and-red. You can see how smoothly everything moves, from a beheaded ZED to your own shovel.

Custom content is created every day, such as maps and game-changing mutators. Welding doors is also a fun part. While punching a locked door, or trying to catch you, ZEDs can beat each-other until one of them wins.

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I personally recommend this game to all players that like shooters and co-op games. Reviews are also overwhelmingly positive. Come join us to see how Killing Floor grows and becomes better.

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