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Killing Floor 2 Now Available

Grab your AA12 and a fistful of dosh, the zed-slaughtering sequel to Tripwire's famous Killing Floor has come to PS4 and PC! Whether taking the role of the survivors as they trudge through oceans of gore, or playing through the eyes of a bl...

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Killing Floor 2 PS4 Beta goes live

The sequel to the mindless gore fest Killing Floor has entered its beta phase on the PlayStation 4, running from November 4th til November 6th. Which class will you choose as you slay the zombie hordes? The Killing Floor was a well loved ga...

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Tripwire announced Killing Floor 2’s release date

Killing Floor 2 sets sights on November for launch on PC and PlayStation 4. Tripwire Interactive reveals release date for latest entry in the highly successful Killing Floor franchise. Roswell, GA – August 12, 2016 – Tripwi...

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Shooting zombies is great

Killing Floor 2 Makes Shooting Zombies Even More Gruesome Blood, violence, zombies, more zombies and satisfying feeling when their heads blow up. This game should get under your skin with cooperation, fashionable decapitation and much more!...

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