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Undertale Fans and Gamers for Good support mental health

Having received almost 1000 submissions from over 450 different Undertale fan artist, Gamers for Good Presents: Undertale started its Kickstarter campaign with a fairly large fan base.

Undertale Fan artists and Gamers for Good support mental health.
Artists ranging from musicians to cosplayers, cartoonist to 3D modelers all kinds of Undertale fans have jumped on the cause to battle Mental Health through celebrating one of their favorite games.

Supporting mental health programs at three gaming-related charities; Anxiety Gaming, Take This and Child’s play, this project hopes to raise funds to battle the stigma and get gamers connected with the mental health services they need.

With over 25% of the funding goal reached in just the first 7 hours, they seem to be getting off to a good start.

Their campaign video really hits you in the feelz, it’s no wonder.

Gamers for Good Presents: Undertale Charity Artbook project

You might want to jump on board and get in on those limited reward tiers before they are all claimed.

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