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Undertale Releases on Xbox Consoles and Xbox Game Pass

Undertale has finally released for Xbox Consoles and Xbox Game Pass. Fans have long awaited its arrival after the releases on other major platforms, and it is now available. Physical and Collectors Editions of the game will also be available very soon.

Undertale Releases On Xbox Consoles and Xbox Game Pass

Long ago, Undertale, the RPG game where you don’t have to destroy anyone, released and took the video game community by storm. With its simplistic yet intricate art style, storyline and mechanics, it gained overwhelmingly positive reviews. It later released on both the PlayStation and the Switch, leaving Xbox players feeling a little left out. Now, Undertale has finally arrived on Xbox consoles as well as the ever-growing Xbox Game Pass.

As the trailer states, players have been asking about this port for many years now, and to see it finally land on the Xbox consoles will please many fans. The trailer even shows some “exclusive Xbox footage”, if only for about five seconds. Though it states that it is an “Xbox One Announcement”, it is also available on the Xbox Series X|S consoles along with a few small enhancements across both generations respectively.

UNDERTALE Xbox One Announce Trailer

Additionally, a physical edition of the game will be made available to purchase via Fangamer, as well as a Collector’s Edition, which previous major console releases have seen. This edition features many bonus goodies, including the Collector’s Edition Soundtrack along with the physical game itself. 

Last year, the game celebrated its fifth anniversary with a virtual concert dedicated to the game’s soundtrack. The characters even came together to take part in the celebrations. What better way to continue the party than to see it finally arrive to the Xbox family?

With new games joining the Xbox Game Pass every month, including titles such as Undertale, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst Xbox users, and for a good reason, too. You can purchase the game digitally right now via the Xbox Store or download it if you already have Game Pass. It is now officially available on all major platforms.

UNDERTALE 5th Anniversary Concert

If you’re considering whether or not to purchase the game, be sure to check out our PC review of the RPG.

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