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Undertale – Walkthrough Series

Who falls underground into the world of monsters ... must find way out... or stay trapped forever.

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In Undertale, the player controls a human child and leads him through out a large, secluded region underneath the surface of the Earth. Underground there live a lot of inhabitants called "monsters". The player interacts with them on quest to return to the surface and makes decisions on whether to kill or befriend them. These choices affect the outcome of the game to a large degree.

Undertale - gameplay

Undertale - gameplay

Undertale - gameplay

Undertale - gameplay

gameracefighter was playing and livestreaming his way throughout the game. Was he successful or trapped forever between monsters? Watch our walkthrough videos below and don´t forget to subscribe to our channel.

Undertale Walkthrough

Undertale Walkthrough pt 2

Undertale Walkthrough pt 3

Undertale Walkthrough pt 4

Undertale Walkthrough pt 5

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  1. Watch our walkthrough videos, fourth part was uploaded right now.


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