Silent Hill: Townfall’s Secret Messages

Among the many reveals during last week’s Silent Hill Transmission broadcast, Silent Hill: Townfall, a game by developers No Code, is one of the most mysterious. With only a vague trailer to go on, fans were convinced that there were more secrets hiding just below the surface. And it appears they were right.

Silent Hill: Townfall’s Secret MessagesAfter years of silence, Silent Hill producers and rights holders Konami finally lifted the lid on what they had been up to all this time, revealing four new and upcoming titles during their Silent Hill Transmission broadcast. Of the trailers shown, it was Silent Hill: Townfall’s teaser that piqued the interest of many of the fans who frequent Silent Hill’s subreddit page. The ambiguity of the trailer suggested that it was hiding more than a few secrets.

But it was the game’s creative director Jon McKellan stating that there would be no further news or updates on the game until next year, and that fans should instead re-watch the teaser closely for more clues, that really kicked off the hunt.

Almost immediately, fans noticed that there was an SOS signal playing in between the images that flash up on the teaser’s small portable television screen. And not long after that, redditor MilkManEX converted the teaser’s audio to MP3 and ran it through a spectrogram to uncover some hidden text.


After running it multiple times at different frequencies, he believes he has found the entire message, which reads: “WHATEVER HEART THIS TOWN HAD HAS NOW STOPPED”.

Hinting at Silent Hill’s Past?

This unsettling message, along with the game’s title, may hint at the game’s story. Specifically, fans believe that it may have to do with the origin of the town of Silent Hill itself, and what happened to turn it into the fog-covered, monster-infested nightmare we know and love.

Another finding which might lend credence to this theory is that, if you listen closely to the teaser, at 0.33 a voice appears to say, “Wow, is that really Alessa?” This is a name fans of the original game and/or the first movie should recognise, as Alessa could be seen at various times wandering around the town of Silent Hill. And this could indicate that Townfall may take place before the events of the first game.

While there’s not much to go on so far, fans are convinced this is just the beginning, and that many more secrets are waiting to be discovered. So keep an eye on the Silent Hill subreddit for more developments, as this intrepid fanbase will not stop until they glean every last scrap of information from the one-minute teaser. Especially as it looks like it will be a long while until we get any more official information from No Code or Konami.

SILENT HILL: Townfall Teaser Trailer (4K:EN) | KONAMI
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