Silent Hill Announcement Set for October 19th

Ten years have passed since a proper entry in the Silent Hill franchise has been released. In that time there have been countless rumors and leaks about the future of this beloved survival horror franchise. Time and time again these have been brushed off, but now something is officially coming with a Silent Hill announcement on October 19th, 2022.

Silent Hill Announcement Set for October 19th

Fans of the Silent Hill video game franchise have grasped at every leak and rumor over the last decade. New mainline games, spin-offs, episodic adventures, and remakes have all made the rounds online. Each and every one of these has been struck down or disproven at one time or another. That is, with the exception of the latest rounds of leaks from a few weeks ago.

Announcing Announcements

In the modern era video game announcements rarely just come as they are. Instead, everything has a build-up and event centered around it. This is beneficial so that people can plan to watch a live stream or avoid spoiling anything beforehand. This also means that the rumor mill has the ability to run rampant in the interim.

Silent Hill Announcement October 19th

Earlier today, at 17:10 EST, the official Silent Hill Twitter account posted a link to a separate page on the official Konami website. In order to view the page, you need to allow cookies, choose your region/ language, and input your date of birth. Once through all of that there is just the name, date, and time of announcement.

An interesting note about the initial Tweet: it mentions that a “transmission” is coming. This choice of terminology feeds into the rumors and leaks of the “Shot Message.” These have been spilling online since earlier this year and seem to point to the use of an SMS system either within the game or as an augmented reality aspect.

Pyramid Head captures James Sunderland by the throat.

Pyramid Head captures James Sunderland by the throat.

There are still countless ways that this announcement can go. The Tweet says that there will be updates for the “series” and not the games specifically. It is possible that this has something to do with pachinko machines or more limited edition skateboard decks. At the very least, there is not long to wait.

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