Ghosts of Meridian update is out

The update is huge, no, it is colossal. The patch will eat 8.3 GB of your space and it has a lot of improvements, content, and patch notes.

Halo 5. The Ghosts of Meridian update
Right from the start, I have to warn you that patch notes and patch details are enormous. You can end up spending an hour reading them. I’ll try to highlight the most interesting ones, but as you understand, it is hard to do. Down below, you can see a content that has been added, so I’ll skip its description and focus on other important additions.

The new Forge Weather Effects have been added.
A lot of Multiplayer and Sandbox issues have been fixed.
Lastly, a new Multiplayer mode is announced. The name is Warzone Firefight, and the Beta testing is scheduled on 14-18 April.

Proceed to the link below if you want to get all the info about the update.

Halo 5: Guardians - Ghosts of Meridian Launch Trailer

Halo 5. The Ghosts of Meridian update. The full list of the new content

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